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* Don’t risk your private photo albums, secret videos or secure files being deleted or seen when people use your device! Join the millions of people who trust their personal photos to Keepsafe: the biggest photo locker app.*

Keepsafe is a photo locker app that lets you hide and lock personal pictures and photo albums or secret videos behind multiple layers of security. Keepsafe is also useful for freeing up space on your device by storing your photos and videos in your secure Private Cloud.

Keepsafe Photo Locker Features:

Everything behind a lock – Your photos are secured via a PIN, pattern or your fingerprint.
Sync photos or videos – Your encrypted Private Cloud securely syncs your photos, albums and videos across all your devices.
Back up photos or videos for easy recovery – Fear not if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged!
Face-down auto lock – In a tight situation? Have Keepsafe lock itself when your device faces downward.
Safe Send photo sharing – Share private photos with confidence: control how long the recipient sees your photo — photos disappear 20 seconds after they are received.
Keepsafe also doesn’t show up in your recently used apps list!

Install Keepsafe basic to get free secure Private Cloud storage and also receive a free test drive of Keepsafe premium!

Keepsafe premium is an extra layer of security and peace of mind that not only keeps your private photo albums and secret videos safe from prying eyes, but also provides you with additional cloud storage for your photos to free up even more space on your device.

Keepsafe Premium Features:

Customizable Photo Albums
• Personally choose which cover photo appears for what album.
• Set an additional password for individual albums: great for shared access

Fake PIN
• Create a 2nd, fake PIN that you can use when someone asks you for your real PIN, which opens a decoy Keepsafe photo vault.

Secret Door
• Disguises Keepsafe to look like an inconspicuous app when intruders open Keepsafe.
• Only you know the secret method to reveal the lock screen and open your Keepsafe photo vault to view your private pictures.

Break-in Alerts
• Keepsafe captures a photo, timestamp and PIN entered by all would-be intruders.

PIN Timeout
• Keepsafe locks itself 30 seconds after closing, instead of immediately.

Custom Themes
• Customize the look of your Keepsafe.

Just look through your phone’s photo gallery and tap photos or videos to import into your Keepsafe photo vault. Once imported, you can delete your photos from your phone’s public photo gallery and still view them in your Keepsafe photo vault.


Q: Can I take my pictures out of Keepsafe?
A: Yes – you can easily export photos from Keepsafe with just a couple of taps.

Q: Where are my photos after I unhide them?
A: After unhiding them, your pictures will be in a photo album labeled "public."

Q: Is this like applying a lock on your photo album?
A: Not quite, Keepsafe encrypts everything and backs up your data to ensure only you can see it and retrieve it.

Q: I forgot my PIN or password
A: Open Keepsafe & long-press on the Keepsafe logo to reset your PIN.

Q: Does Keepsafe support .wmv video playback?
A: No, Keepsafe does not support .wmv videos.

Q: Why are there ads?
A: Keepsafe Premium is ad-free. We’re able to offer Keepsafe Basic for free by support from ads.

For more questions or comments, email: [email protected]


Terms of Service:

Privacy Policy:

What’s New

* Fixed a crash when opening an album
* Fixed various crashes on startup
* Fixed a crash when trying to share an item

[email protected]

Using Keepsafe on a new phone? Use the SAME Keepsafe registration email address from the OLD phone.

* Keepsafe requires Contact permission for Keepsafe to Keepsafe Sharing. This is in beta roll out for a subset of users right now.

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Additional information

Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault
18.23 MB
Android 4.0 and up
Jan 26, 2017
10,000,000+ downloads
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  • I recently got a new phone because i broke my old phone. Well i was wondering if there is any way i can get this app on my new phone and if my old pictures would still be on there??

  • i had my videos hidden in keep safe.now that i have bought a new phone and when i put the old sd card containing hidden files ,i downloaded keep safe app but couldnt see the videos. i removed the sdcard checked with my pc the files are there but i am not able to extract. please help

  • I lost my mobile!! so how can i retrieve all the photos in keep safe?? as it prevents photos from being backed up on google or even the portable cd card, any help??

    • I made my keep safe not to be. One of the. recent. apps and from there I couldn’t gain access to. my videos please help

  • I downloaded the update and it wont let me in without and email. but it never asked me for a email before! so i cant get my photos. please help!!!

  • I can’t get into my keepsafe….I keep getting a red error message “wrong PIN” which I know is correct.My pin is 4 characters, it only allows me 3 and then displays an error message. troubleshooting says press right side of app da da da and you’ll send link to my email….that hasn’t happened….I can’t believe I’ ve trusted this and lost my photos!

  • Installed update and now over 200 photo have vanished. Thumbnail says they are there but I cannot view them.

    • Evn same with me,i cant view,unhide or share pictures.Pictures just open blank and for the past three days,its saying,back up in progress 2615 items remaining but no pictures are getting uploaded to private cloud in keep safe premium.As per instructions of support team,i have reinstalled it many times but same problem is there.seems i have lost all my pictures,because all r blank when they open.when i share them,attachment is not at all opening.its urgent.how can i get my pictures back

  • please help me my all pics are gone and i dont have any other way of retrieving it,,,,,,,,, i didnt uninstalled d app yet

  • hello….i had a lot of pics in keepsafe…then downloaded update….now some of the pix i can see and some i can’t…..and i can’t unhide anything! help!

    i did add pix since update and was able to unhide them. it is just the files prior to the update that seem to have been impacted.

  • I lost many of my precious pictures through this app. . . .
    And now the new problem is that the app’s PIN is not fully shown,when i try to open this app.
    1-6 digits are shown only,even I cant enter my full password. . plz help me,anyone !! And once I manage to open this,And retrieve my photos again I ll never use this app again :/ It has happened for second time !!

  • To get your photo back from your memory card just look for the keepsafe folder and you’ll see a bunch of HID or HID2 files just change the extension to JPG and there you go. They should be changed back to photos.

  • I lost my phone and I was worried if someone can open and see my private pictures in my keepsafe. Help pls.

  • I put my pics into this app and now it wont recognize the pictures on the same phone I even tried removing the app still nothing!! There are pics I dont wanna lose help please

  • Don’t use this app. I lost all the photos I put there. Still found no way to retrieve them. Not happy at all.

  • I’ve gone throughh the same i dont think this keepsafe is an exellent app it do not provide a backup of ur pictures once ur phone is factory reset or any thing else…i found a better one after i lost my all pics on keepsafe and downloaded picture vault and eriously i tested it hide pics in it n reset my phone again downloaded this app and my all pictures were thea…so keepsafe really sucks i lost abt 900+ pics on keepsafe app…!!

  • I transferred pictures without entering pin and all that stuff. Later when i checked the pictures are not there and I checked all my folders. Its gone .Please help

  • kindly help, does anyone knows how to retrieve my hidden pictures through keepsafe app, my device bugged down, is it possible that ican access my pictures?thank you

  • I’m going to be switching to the iPhone 5c from my 4s. I have all my apps including this one backed up on my laptop. Does this include the pics in the app? When I restore my new phone, will all of the pics still be there for my new one, or should I find so em other way of transferring?

  • Hi Team,
    Can some one help me in retrieving deleted pictures and videos from Keepsafe app
    all the snaps are very important
    I have lost almost 500 + snaps
    Please respond me to the same email


  • Hi Team,

    Can some one help me in retrieving deleted pictures and videos from Keepsafe app

    all the snaps are very important

    I have lost almost 500 + snaps

    Please respond me to the same email


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