HexShaders Live Wallpaper APK

Animated live wallpaper shows hexagonal pixels with a shader program.
The HexShaders Live Wallpaper contains over 15 various shader program.
You can choose a program and set up detail level and animation speed in HexShaders Live Wallpaper.Legend for the performance analyzer:
* perf – performance status (ok | good | bad | drop)
* fps – frames per second
* pps – points (hexes) per second
* tpc – total points count in frameThanks for shader sources to ShaderToy.

What’s New

version 2.1.2
– added the ‘Slideshow’ preference. It fixes most issues of the lags and glitches
– added performance analyzer (removes freezes)
– fixed the ‘only one time set wallpaper’ issue
– updated default values for some shaders
– removed stars effect from the ‘space’ shader program

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Additional information

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Developed By
Sergey Konyukhov

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