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GTA or Grand Theft Auto is considered to be one of the most popular games in the world. If you have played it at least once, you would know that it is extremely difficult to put it aside once you have got a taste for it. While this is not the GTA San Andreas game, this game is modelled off the original one. This version is called the GTA Punjab OR GTA Amritsar. The best part is that the game is now available for Android fans as well. Now, you can play on the go and never be too far away to access your favorite game!

GTA Amritsar

If you download GTA Amritsar, you can expect to have the finest possible weapons, as much money as you can lay your hands on, and the best Lamborghini car with the nitro system. You will also have the option of being able to modify the city. While there is no specific GTA Punjab or GTA Amritsar, the modified version of San Andreas is the new version. Here, the graphics represent the city of Amritsar and the player in the game would be a Punjabi guy! One thing to note here is that there are plenty of new cheats in this game. Players would be able to access and apply these cheats even while playing with their Android devices!

The Basics

Grand Theft Auto is an adrenaline-filled game and is counted among the best adventure games the world has ever seen. This time, the action is all in Amritsar, a city in the Northern part of India. This funny and entertaining game requires the player to move ahead in the game by completing the mission and fighting with the enemies. As you move forward and finish tasks, you will get to earn money and gain rewards. The game showcases new vehicles and the best weapons that you can use on your mission. Since the audio effects and the graphics have not undergone any reformations, you can still expect the classic version.

Downloading the game is a bit tricky since it is not available in the Google Play Store. However, don’t fret! There are plenty of online platforms from where you can download reliable GTA Amritsar APKs and start playing the game. The process is not very complicated and does not require any rooting.

Playing GTA Amritsar on your Android Device

The controls in the game app are pretty much the same as the PC game. You can use the up, down, right, and left arrows to move Carl. You can use cheats to move ahead in the game, get vehicles, and a whole lot of other stuff. If you see a bike and want to hop on it, just press Return and the character will jump onto the bike. The map icon on the bottom left corner of the screen will help you understand where you are and where you want to go ahead.

If you want to stop Carl from entering a car after he has opened the door or pulled out a person, you can use either press LMB buttons or use the control keys for movement. Following the CJ icon on the radar can help you get back on the hood. If you want to change radio stations, swipe the bottom left corner of your smartphone screen. Tapping on the video camera icon located on the right side of the screen will switch views.


There are a lot of versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas now. Each one has its own cheats and codes. In this post, we will discuss the cheats, tips, and tricks for GTA Amritsar. Of course, the game is all the more fun when cheats come into play. There are A LOT of cheats that you can understand and use in the game. With this list of Cheats, you can go and own the action floor at GTA Amritsar. You are sure to come across ones for reducing Wanted level, getting unlimited money, and even getting a parachute!

How to use cheat codes in GTA Amritsar App?

While in most cases, the players would be required to root their devices, there is also a way to be able to use the codes without rooting. Here goes!

  1. Go to CJ and successfully finish your first mission. It is not that hard!
  2. Save progress and press Home button to move to GTA cheater.
  3. Move inside CJ’s house.
  4. Click on the disk icon to save the game. Doing this will advance the game by six hours!
  5. Go out of the game and click on GTA Amritsar: Cheater app. It is recommended that you save the cheats to the second save since it makes changes to the game.
  6. You will be presented with a list of cheats, such as Infinite health, infinite ammo, never wanted, and so on.
  7. Scrolling down will get you more options, such as Stamina, fat, muscle, and sex appeal. You will also be able to choose the vehicles in CJ’s garage.
  8. Tick the ones that you want. Click on Save.
  9. Move back to the game and load the saved game. You will now be notified of the cheat added.

GTA Amritsar Features

There are plenty of GTA Amritsar features, making it one of the most loved versions among the fans and players. The users have the opportunity to earn unlimited money and using the latest and fastest vehicle models. You will also be able to use bikes, cars, aeroplanes, and helicopters. This action game offers the players unlimited property and an entirely new city to explore. The best part is that GTA Amritsar supports cheats. You will also be glad to know that more stunts than ever have been unlocked. There are also features of climbing and swimming.

Have fun!

Cheats For GTA Amritsar    

  1. type = (GHOSTRIDER)
  2. type = (MOP)
  3. type = (SAVE)
  4. Ghost friend = (Tab+7)
  5. death bus = (Tab and num+)
  6. sleeping = (F9, F10, F11)
  7. Change Player =(PLY)
  8. Player dance =(F8)
  9. Weather Change = (F6)
  10. Carspawn =(F7)
  11. Clothes =(F5)
  12. New view =Type(FPS)
  13. JRamp =(F12)
  14. PedEnter =(H)
  15. PEDSpawn =Type(PED)
  16. PlayerChange =Type(PLY)
  17. Sit Smoke drink  =[NUM2 + NUM4] = sit down

      [NUM2 + NUM7] = smoke

      [NUM2 + NUM8] = drink

                                 [NUM2 + NUM9] = puke

       [NUM2 + NUM6] = SUSU

  1. Vehicle Spawn = (NUM -) key
  2. Stunts  = (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,\)
  3. walkstyle = Type (WALKSTYLE)
  4. Teleport_to_marker =Press Y and X    
  5. Fire sword  =Type  (LAEVATEINN)
  6. Auto Driver =Press (num /)key
  7. Dancing Girls ON Car =Press (num 0)key 2 OR 3 TIMES
  8. Pimp My Car -BEST MOD- =Press (F4) in car
  9. Weapons Ring =type (GUNS)
  10. CALL FOR HOMIES  =(TAB+1) (TAB+2) (TAB+3) (TAB+4) (TAB+5)                             

Other Cheat Codes

  1. MUNASEF  – Adrenaline Mode
  2. YLTEICZ  – Aggressive Drivers
  3. COXEFGU  – All Cars Have Nitro 
  4. CPKTNWT  – Blow Up All Cars
  5. AFSNMSMW – Boats fly
  6. BSXSGGC  – Cars Float Away When Hit
  7. RIPAZHA  – Cars Fly
  8. ASNAEB   – Clear Wanted Level
  9. OSRBLHH  – Increase Wanted Level Two Stars
  10. WANRLTW  – Infinite Ammo, No Reload
  11. BAGUVIX  – Infinite Health
  12. IAVENJQ  – Mega Punch
  13. EEGCYXT  – Spawn Dozer
  14. OHDUDE   – Spawn Hunter
  15. JUMPJET  – Spawn Hydra
  16. AGBDLCID – Spawn Monster
  17. AKJJYGLC – Spawn Quad
  18. PDNEJOH  – Spawn Racecar
  19. VPJTQWV  – Spawn Racecar
  20. JQNTDMH  – Spawn Rancher
  21. AIWPRTON – Spawn Rhino
  22. AQTBCODX – Spawn Romero
  23. KRIJEBR  – Spawn Stretch
  24. URKQSRK  – Spawn Stunt Plane
  25. AMOMHRER – Spawn Tanker Truck
  26. UBHYZHQ  – Spawn Trashmaster
  27. KGGGDKP  – Spawn Vortex Hovercraft
  28. SZCMAWO  – Suicide
  29. LXGIWYL  – Weapon Set 1, Thug’s Tools
  30. KJKSZPJ  – Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools
  31. UZUMYMW  – Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools


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