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Download Graffiti™ – The Keyboard Replacement for Android that uses the stroke-based handwriting recognition system text input system made popular by Palm™ PDAs running PalmOS™.
-Replaces the Default Keyboard for Android
-Stroke-based text input – Uses the Graffiti alphabet text input method
-Easy to Learn
-Speeds up text input with Auto-Capitalization and Word Learning
-English and Japanese language support
-Faster and More Accurate that On-Screen Typing
-Advertisement Free upgrade available with Graffiti™ Pro.
Graffiti™ is a replacement for the built-in on-screen keyboard, also called an input method. With Graffiti, you no longer type but you draw Graffiti characters with your finger or a compatible stylus. Graffiti characters are mostly single-stroke drawings that closely match the usual alphabet, but are simplified to make entry faster and easier. For example, the letter “A” is entered with a stroke that looks like an upside-down “V”, saving time that you do not need to cross the “A” in the middle. Same for the letter “T”, which is entered almost like a “7”.
There are text and numeric input areas, improving the recognition of your input. Strokes drawn in the text area will only be interpreted as letters; strokes in the numeric area will be interpreted as numbers.
If you were a user of a PalmOS based PDA in the past, this will all be very familiar to you as the input method used by those devices was a stylus drawing Graffiti strokes in an input area at the bottom of the display. But even if you were not a Graffiti user before, you should give it a try now if you find that the on-screen keyboard doesn’t suit your input style.
Don’t know the Graffiti alphabet? After installing and enabling Graffiti, just draw a stroke up from the Graffiti input area into the main display area and the help screen appears. Tap to switch between the six stroke help screens.

Size : 2.0M
Current Version : 2.0.6
Requires Android : 1.6 and up


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  • I just upgraded my phone from an old Samsung Galaxy Note GTN-7000 to a new Samsung S6, The first thing I did was to load Grafitti onto my phone to allow me to use the old Palm Graffiti input method. The problem is that the input box in which I need to complete my characters is not fully defined, and is less than 3/8ths of an inch high. Please let me know how I can reclaim control over this space so I can use Grafitti with the ease that I have known for the last 12 – 15 or so years!

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