GPS Navigator APK

GPS Nav, powered by TeleNav, gives you a faster and more personalized navigation experience on your Android device. Based on your preferences, get turn-by-turn directions spoken by a person, real-time traffic, automatic reroute and 3D moving maps – even when outside of wireless network coverage. And now everything is faster with improved panning and page refreshes so you can load maps, begin routes and find places faster than ever. Available for Bell Mobility clients and Virgin Mobile Canada members.

Features that get you and get you there:
1. Choose the driving routes that best suit your style and help you save time by selecting from three route suggestions with the distance and estimated drive time.
2. See the posted speed limit for the road you’re driving on and receive an alert if you exceed the limit.
3. Keep the stresses out of highway driving with highlighted exit lanes for safe and easy lane changes.
4. Get warnings of red light cameras at street intersections for safe braking.
5. Stay on top of your commute with daily traffic updates sent via email before you get on the road.
6. Avoid traffic and accidents with proactive alerts and rerouting so you arrive at your destination quickly and hassle-free.
7. Easily find, call or navigate to restaurants, gas stations, shops, ATMs and more with just one click.

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