GPS Location Tracker – know where your dearest are APK

What is this?
GPS Location Tracker allows you to track geographical location of selected people at any time.
– Track your partner
– Track your kids – make sure they are safe
– Track elderly people in your family
– Track your friends – easily find each other at a hangout spot
– Use for business – track your company car drivers, delivery people, etc.

Note: Location tracking works only both ways. You cannot secretly spy on someone with this application!

Why is it special?
GPS Location Tracker has several distinct features that make it unique:
– Only one permission is required – location!
– Real-time tracking!
– Anonymous: after version 3.1, no personal information is required from you!
– Quick initial setup: no registration required, simply install and launch
– Easy connection setup: share the invitation link and that's all, you can see each other's locations
– Turn off sending your location when you desire
– Simple, intuitive interface

How does it work?
When you open GPS Location Tracker and select one of your contacts, the app will establish internet connection with the target device and request it to send location updates. This means that you and your contact need to have a connection to the internet (either Wi-Fi or mobile data will work).
Every once in a while GPS Location Tracker collects your current location from your phone and sends it to our server so that your contacts will be able to see your latest location when they open their application.
Location sharing works both directions – you track your friends and family and they track you.

Note: Your location will be securely kept on GPS Location Tracker server for some period of time and, eventually, deleted. We do not expose nor do we sell any user data to third parties.

With any questions/remarks/propositions regarding the GPS Location Tracker please e-mail us at [email protected]

Good luck and have fun 🙂

What’s New

* Completely new approach to location tracking: tracking in the real time! Select your contact and see exactly where they are at this exact time with updates every few seconds. Once the contact is deselected or the app is minimised, the real-time tracking stops and, but still please be mindful of the tracked person's battery as it is used up quicker during tracking.
* Sending location in background is still working but redesigned to save your battery power even more efficiently.

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GPS Location Tracker – know where your dearest are
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