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GK Quiz Tamil – தமிழ் வினாடி வினா 2020 1.2 APK

Let's improve general knowledge just playing simple game on Tamil language.

This GK Quiz Tamil app is useful for Interview, Competitive exams like TNPSC, GROUP-IV and other Government exams. This app will be updated frequently and we will keep adding new questions. It is always easy to learn with play way method, so we created GK Quiz Tamil android app to make learning fun. Play General Knowledge Quiz in Tamil with many questions from different categories.

GK Quiz Tamil – a completely free Tamil app to grow your general knowledge in the Tamil language.This general knowledge quiz in Tamil app will be very useful Tamil peoples who want to improve their general knowledge or prepare their exam in Tamil language.This GK Quiz Tamil app comes with a very attractive interface that can be used by anyone.

How to Play?
★GK Quiz Tamil contains some Levels. Each level has play (quiz).
★You should proceed from one level to another.
★You should score 75 % in each level to go to next one. Otherwise, you have to play again till you get 75 %.
★Each level has some Multiple Choice Questions.
★After clicking the correct option for the current question, the subsequent question will appear.
★If you select the correct option in the first attempt, you will get 5 coins whereas in the case of second attempt, you will get 2 coins and there is no coin for subsequent attempt.

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