getting Rid of Smartphone Addiction

Apps That Can Help You getting Rid of Smartphone Addiction APK

Getting Rid of Smartphone Addiction

Are you addicted to your smartphone? If you are, chances are that your productivity is taking a hit. While smartphones are a great invention and extremely useful while working, they can distract you from work with little effort! Let’s take a look at some of the most efficient apps that help you in getting rid of your addiction.

Antisocial: The app uses very little battery and data and runs in the background. It doesn’t help the user block apps or calls. It works with a goal of comparing your usage to ideal usage to give you an idea of how much you need to cut back. It will take just about two weeks to get a clear picture of your habits and usage.

Forest: The app has an interesting concept to keep you from using your phone while using your phone! When you open the app, you will first have to plant a sapling. It will keep growing as long as you are on the app. When you exit the app, the tree you planted will be killed.

App Detox: This app offers the user the ability to lock apps, restrict usage, and even put a stop to your habit of procrastination. This app can also be used by parents to monitor their kids’ usage. You can customize your mobile usage according to your need. This will let you focus when you are working and enjoy time on your phone when you are free. You can also restrict apps like Facebook while keeping Outlook and Gmail unblocked. One good thing about it is the fact that the settings are extremely flexible.

Flipd: This app is currently available only for Android users, but an iOS version is expected to be released soon. Flipd completely takes charge of your digital detox. It changes your lock screen to something basic and lets you auto-reply to messages instantly. You can also create a list of emergency contacts. You can also lock and monitor other phones, such as your kids’ phones. You can use it in classrooms, your workplace, gym, and so on.

Freedom: This is only available for iOS users. It is perfect for hardcore users who need something strict and unrelenting. With this, you can block sites that you visit constantly. You can block them for a certain period or keep them blocked till you manually unblock them.

Moment: This creates a timeline of your daily screen usage. You can now look at the minutes you have spent glued to your screen, the number of times you have picked it up, and if you have met your goals or not. There is a feature where you will get so many alerts that you get annoyed into not using your device! Brilliant!

Offtime: You can create profiles and block calls, texts, and alerts from specific profiles, instead of doing it in one go for every contact. You will continue to receive calls and alerts from those you have listed as VIP contacts. Apart from this, you can also limit your internet usage and overall phone activity. If you start using it more, you will receive notifications. Your activity and usage are presented to you in clear tiles and charts. It also informs you about your weaknesses so that you can work on that.

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