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Geo-IDBI 2.0.6 APK

Geo tagging application of IDBI Bank

Geo-IDBI will help IDBIns to capture visit details along with locations and photographs on real time basis. The system will not only help in locating assets charged to bank but also to identify NPAs near you. This app will help us in geo-tagging existing of customer’s place of visit.

This app can be used at the time of visit of existing relationship. User needs to logging in the app at visit place viz. residence/office/factory/field of customer and provide account number of customer. App will check details from Finacle and show to user for confirmation. Once confirmed by the officer, the system will record latitude and longitude of the location based on GPS. as the app works on GPS signal, it is suggested to open the app before entering in the premises. after login the user needs to upload three photographs, one of which must be a selfie. the system will store data and upload it in Bank's internal server.

In future, if Bank wants to locate these assets, just needs to provide account number and press navigate button. system be provide map to the stored location.
As the app is intend to be used by Bank officials only, login is secured by Active Directory credentials.

So no more hassles in identifying locations and routes, Geo-IDBI will take care of this problem.

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