Gangstar Vegas Video

Gangstar Vegas Video

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below you can find the video transcript

hello youtubers and welcome to the first
app review of 2019 so the first app we
are gonna look at today is gangsta Vegas
now this is similar to the rockstars
game GTA and it’s good because it’s more
accessible to Android users and as you
can see the rating is at four point five
which tells me right from the jump that
this game is a very good game and a lot
of people do enjoy playing this game but
there are a couple drawbacks on the game
itself so the first drawback is that the
analog stick on the left-hand side is
too sensitive
causing the character which name is
Jason to climb onto things unwillingly
so while you are playing the game you
notice that there are times that the
character will automatically jump onto
objects unwillingly so for example if
used to go to a casino or you know
trying to get around a place or you’re
trying to run away from enemies it will
happen that the character will climb
onto poles etc you know automatically
which can be very frustrating while you
are playing the game and that’s not a
very good experience the second issue
that we have is when you are driving
vehicles there will usually be two
arrows one for the left and one for the
right and on the right hand sides
there’s also the acceleration pad and
the brake pad and this can be quite
frustrating to look back and forth to
see if you are pressing the buttons
correctly however there is a motion
sensor within the game which allows you
to use your phone as a steering wheel
but this can also be frustrating as you
are trying to see the game at the same
time but other than that the game is
quite realistic and it looks almost like
the real Las Vegas itself which makes
the game a bit more exciting also there
is a shop within the main menu which
allows you to purchase certain clothings
you know vehicles etc it can sometimes
be a bit overpriced
luckily for the missions by completing
each mission you earn a certain amount
of coins which allows you to afford the
extras that is on sale within the shop
in the main menu so overall this game is
still a pretty good game you know it’s
basically like playing GTA on your phone
you know and it’s pretty smooth and
there you have it for today so if you
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