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Gangstar Vegas complete Review APK

Gangstar Vegas complete Review

Looking for some sinful activities to indulge in? Well, look no more. The third title in Gameloft`s popular action series, Gangstar Vegas virtually recreates the environment of everyone`s favorite sin city, Las Vegas.

If you have already played Grand Theft Auto, you will see that there are many similarities between these two games, starting from the way the missions are given to the dialog.

You have the role of Jason Malone, a boxer who agrees to lose the fight and get paid by mobster Frank Valieno. But, by chance you knock the other guy and you end up on Frank`s hit list. This is something we learn in the prologue. And, now you have to plan your escape and save your head from the mafia.

There are a couple of characters that you will meet along, some of them are important for the plot and some of them are just amateurs. One of the first characters you will meet is Karen, and Vera, who is Karen`s boss.

By playing this game for testing purposes we learned that getting used to it can be tricky, and you will need a lot of practice if you are not natural with playing games. Jason tends to walk into walls very often, especially if you add sprinting to the mix, which is an action that is required especially when you want to climb obstacles. When it comes to driving, it is much easier to control compared to walking and running.

The graphics of the game are really nice, but we cannot say that they are perfect, there are games with way better graphics than the one we see in Gangstar Vegas. The thing that attracts us the most is the fact that everything looks very realistic and they have paid special attention to details, for that reason there are many satisfied users who play this game. The only downfall is that there are a few glitches here and there, but they can easily be overlooked, since the game has so much more to offer. The worst one for me is when cars and people just pop up right in front of you and you end up crashing all of a sudden even though you were driving nicely and there was nothing in front of you.

Gangstar Vegas app

The reason we are all here and playing Gangstar Vegas is the fact that there are lots of missions so every time you play the game you will have a feeling that you play a completely different game and you will never get bored easily.

The thing that we like the most is the option to start a new mission from the map screen. Now, you do not have to drive to the start point, you can just open the map select a mission and you are ready to go, and each mission is introduced before it starts.

Your friends can play a big role too, in case they are playing the same game. You can ask for help and if they do help you they will get a reward as well. But, if none of your friends is introduced to Gangstar Vegas, then you can ask E-Man for help, but it is not going to be for free, he will charge you for that.

As the game progress, with every criminal act you commit, you will receive a badge icon which means the police are after you. The number of police officers that are after you is proportional with the number of stars you get. Once you receive 5 stars the police will be more aggressive and it will operate with the help of the army and SWAT team.

The good thing in Gangstar Vegas is that even if you lose and die, you will be resurrected in a matter of seconds. You will only lose some cash for your hospital bills. One funny thing that we noticed while playing this game is that the officers never want to arrest you, they just like to beat you. This is where we see that the rules of the real world do not apply for this game, and there is so much violence that the game is definitely not for young adults and for the faint of heart. Another thing that shows us that this game represents a world for itself is the fact that the cars, or the people that are driving the cars are doing whatever they want. At one point you will see cars flying of the bridge, cars stopping in the middle of the street for no reason whatsoever, and so many more.

The thing that always makes you want something more when you play Gangstar Vegas is that your character levels up. This opens new doors for you and makes the game even more interesting. There are many upgrades that will leave you drooling for more. A great selection of weapons you can choose from. You can increase your resistance to bullets and explosion and increase the number of armor kits you can carry with you. When it comes to vehicles you can not only choose your preferred means of transportation but you can also increase the top speed. That is to say, you can make endless customizations once you reach a certain level and make the game suit your needs and preferences. And that is not all. Every time you complete a mission the game will randomly drop items you can use to improve your character as well.

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas would not be complete without a pawn shop. After all the game takes place in Vegas, the city which is home to these kind of shops. This is where you can find and purchase unique items also items that you need to complete a mission like vehicles and ammunition for instance. In order to do so, you need to collect pieces of what you want to buy or you can use some of your blood money to do so. If you find yourself short of money look for value targets, they are the ones driving in limos and holding a briefcase.

Gangstar Vegas is a very versatile game that allows you to take part in different missions but also there are side missions like different tournaments, street races, ring challenges and many more. If you complete the mission in the time frame you will receive additional stars.

Gangstar Vegas

If you feel like you want to take a break of fighting and rushing to complete a mission, you can take advantage of some other opportunities Gangstar Vegas has to offer. You can unwind by playing some casino games, check a nightclub or have a taste of fine cuisine in some of the best restaurants.

My favorite one is purchasing a property. You can easily cool off by visiting the five districts and check the properties available there. This also helps your overall game play, since you will later generate an income from those properties that you can use when you need cash.

Everything you do in this game is saved in the leaderboard, and you can check your progress there at any time, like how many people you have killed, how many times you have died, how much time you have spent driving a certain car and many other different stats.

Throughout the game you can collect lots of things, there are 180 in total, and finding each item will earn you $500. You can also earn tattoos which will be rewarded to you at the end of the mission and will improve you overall score.

Maybe one of the biggest draws to Gangstar Vegas is that it provides a larger map than any previous Gangstar game. Now you have more maps you can explore and show them who the real boss of Vegas is.

Gangstar Vegas

Playing the game is made even easier as well. You have default controls available when you start the game, but you have so many options available to customize the game any way you want.

We hope that by now we intrigued you with the game and you would like to give it a try. The first thing you need to do is to install the game on your Android device. This is the most important thing at this point and you cannot go wrong here. You can find Gangstar Vegas in Play Store and once you download it, the installation process is very easy from here.

But, if you feel more adventurous we advise you to download Gangstar Vegas Mod APK, since it offers so many cool features. The first one that caught our attention is the unlimited amount of money you get, that means that you can spend as much as you want in the casino, and you will get even more money in return.  All the weapons available are for free so you can play the game with whatever you want. Then you have unlimited use of the cars available which will make your experience even more exciting.

Gangstar Vegas

If you are a beginner we will guide you through the installation process, because this is the core of the game. If you make a mistake during the installation process, it will affect your experience playing the game.

Before you download the Gangstar Vegas APK you need to make some changes on your Android device first. You need to go to Settings, then Security and enable Unknown Sources.  Then go to Google and type in Gangstar Vegas Mod APK and find the latest version to download. Once you download the link you just need to follow the simple instructions to install the game.  The installation process is very simple and in no time you will have your new favorite game on your Android device. This version is the best since all the restriction in the normal mode are available for you here.

There is only one thing you need to remember, if you play the game in this mode you need to avoid tournaments in order to avoid being banned. And, do not forget to disable Unknown Sources in order to protect your device from malware.

Advantages of playing Gangstar Vegas

  • The game offers a city 9x bigger compared to previous Gangstar games.
  • There are always new thefts and new actions.
  • New HAVOK PHYSICS engine allows you to witness stunts performed with ragdoll effects.
  • Carnage and Heist modes allow you to become the best sniper ever.
  • Overcome challenges and climb the Leader boards.
  • Play your favorite casino games.
  • A large collection of weapons and vehicles.
  • If you get tired of shooting people you can switch to zombies or robots.
  • In case you want to brag about your achievements, you can now take snapshots and share it on your social media. This option is only available for Android 7.0 or higher.

Disadvantages of Playing Gangstar Vegas

Just like with any other mind blowing game there are some downfalls in Gangstar Vegas.

  • The graphics are not top-notch.
  • Some vehicles miss engine sounds.

Gangstar Vegas complete Review – Final Verdict

If you consider the fact that we have done our fair share when it comes to testing game apps, then you should trust us that Gangstar Vegas is a game that is definitely worth the try. It is fun, interactive and you will never feel bored while you are playing it. The truth is that the graphics are not as modern as we have seen in other games but that does not mean that you should skip this title. If we learned one thing, that is to never judge a book by its cover. There are lots of options available in this game. You have missions that you need to complete, but if you want to do something else besides that, well, now you can in Gangstar Vegas. You can try playing casino games and earn more cash so you can later purchase more powerful weapons or vehicles. If you want to play the game without restrictions you can download the APK mode for this game and explore the sin city in your own terms.

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