Game Booster & Block Puzzle – Bug & Lag Fix APK


Multi App: Block Puzzle & Game booster
Push the right squares, break the blocks, earn points!
A combination of games and practice!

Super block game: Block Puzzle!

Why do I see it in the games category?

This app is also a game. Play Block game at the same time, speed up games.

The perfect gaming experience with Game booster!

Bug and lag in games?
Get rid of bug and lag with one touch

Some games may overload your device. Reduce overhead with Game booster!
Extremely high ping creates problems in online games

Get rid of high ping problem with anti-ping mode
Play the game faster with one touch

Play your games without delay

★★★ Real Performance Enhancer ★★★

Play the highest performance without ever hanging (Freezing & Butchering). Automatically improves the performance of one-click CPU, RAM, and other hardware features.

Block puzzle! (Puzzle game)

What can we do for you?
We can improve device latency problems by increasing the apparent FPS values, allowing you to play smoother games.

CPU BOOST TWEAK is the only application that works with the logic to increase your processor speed and help you cool the processor at the same time. We offer higher-level game acceleration by creating TWEAK for system applications.

Advanced Anti-Ping Mode

► Box from high ping problem | ANTI-PING |

High-end game acceleration

► Accelerates the services used by games and applications in the background.
► Designed for tablets and phones.
► Works for all applications.
► Accelerate your desired applications and games with simple and simple usage
► Advanced game acceleration
► Advanced application acceleration
► Maximum performance – All CPU cores work at the highest speed.
► No freezing – All CPU cores remain awake.
► Best Benchmark score – (Antutu, Geekbench, Quadrant)
► SD card acceleration optimization
► RAM-Free Tweak is applied

Ping monitor
► See instant ping values
► Customize with great themes

FPS monitor
► Monitor real fps values
► Watch from the top-right corner, customize with themes and sizes

* Accelerates
* CPU is optimized for high performance
* Accelerates device for benchmarks and powerful games
* RAM-Free Tweak is applied

Game booster improves device performance, increases processor speed, and is completely FREE!

Now download Game booster and unleash the true potential of your phone!

Your feedback is very valuable to us!

★★★ Game Accelerator ★★★

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Game Booster & Block Puzzle – Bug & Lag Fix
5.95 MB
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