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Galaxy VPN – Free VPN Unlimited time & traffic 1.6.5 APK

Compact and free VPN unlimited time unlimited traffic & boost your network

Free unlimited VPN, open seconds to connect. Although free, but youtube, fb, tw, etc. are no problem.

Opening the webpage is too slow, the video is always buffered, because your network is too slow, use the app to speed up your network.

Accelerate your network for free and solve the following problems
1. File download is too slow
2. Video is always buffered
3. Network messages are not timely
4. Change your ip

The data will be strictly encrypted
Do not limit usage time and traffic

There will be more and more connected nodes.
Open the selection node to connect, no need to log in and other redundant operations.
The traffic is encrypted and used with confidence.

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15.34 MB
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