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Full HD Video Player – HD Video Player – 4K Video Player – 2020 is Video and Audio Player that plays all media formats. It is attractive, simple, light weight, smooth and amazingly fast.

It supports all types of Video and Audio Formats.
It's made to support both Video and Audio even in background.
It can play 4K Video and all Ultra high definition Video files easily but it depends on you hardware.

Key Features:
● Small installation size less than 4MB.
● Smooth scrolling over list of Videos.
Search media item in specific folder of whole device.
● Night Mode
● Sleep Timer
● Quick Mute
● Zoom In / Zoom Out video with pinch gesture.
● Current Media Queue
● Playback controls on main screen
Light / Dark Themes
● List + Grid view
● Control background playback with notification even on lock screen.
● Displays Videos and Audios in Specific Folders.
Gesture Controls to change Volume, Brightness, seek media Smoothly.
● View Media details.
● Delete Single Video.
● Delete Multiple Videos at the same time.
Share media on Social Forums.
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● Lecteur vidéo Full HD
● เครื่องเล่นวิดีโอ Full HD
● 全高清视频播放器
● フルHDビデオプレーヤー
● Lettore video Full HD
● Reproductor de video Full HD
● 풀 HD 비디오 플레이어
● גאַנץ הד וידאו פּלייַער
● ഫുൾ HD വീഡിയോ പ്ലെയർ
● Pōʻaniʻoniʻoni piha piha
● Can play Videos and Audios in background.
● Can play 4K – Ultra HD – 2160p Videos depending on the hardware.
● Can play All Formats: AVI, MP3, WAV, MOV, MP4, WMV, 3GP, M4V, MKV, Rm, TS, MPG, FLV

Complete Media Player
Full HD Video Player is a Complete Media Player for your Device as it can play both HD Video and Audio formats in your device.

Background Play
Play HD Video and Audio files in background and control it just with a notification even on Lock Screen.

Popup Play
Play Ultra HD Videos in a Popup window and while performing multitasking with gesture control and many other features.

Sleep Timer
Set Sleep Timer to stop playback at after specified number of minutes.

Multiple Views
Allows you to view media files in different views i.e. List View + Grid View as per your convenience.

Media Search
Search media in specific folder or even search a media file in your whole device with ease. Just type in a query.

Sort Files
Allows you to sort media files in a particular order based on different parameters e.g. Name, Date etc.

Loop through Media
Allow you to play media in different Modes e.g. Play Single, Play Single Loop, Play All, Play All Loop, Shuffle.

Note: 4K videos only play if your device support 4K videos or camera can make 4K videos we are working on this feature to make it work on all devices.

Full HD Video Player is a totally FREE and best 4K Video Player for android, simple, tiny and powerful. Any Video formats are supported. 4K Video Player is All-in-one media Player for different formats. We are open to any suggestions for better user experience.

Disclimer: Full HD Video Player is a legal android application built using android's MediaPlayer Api. Some of the screenshots are from the Big Buck Bunny licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

What’s New

* UI / UX Improvements
* Fixes some Bugs
* More stable Build

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Full HD Video Player
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