Frequency Sound Generator APK

Simply generate a tone with a frequency between 1Hz and 22000Hz on your smartphone or tablet. Simple and Accurate
Use the cursor or the keyboard of your smartphone to adjust the frequency, then click “PLAY” to play the tone.

Multiple use cases
• Test your hearing and that of your surroundings by determining the range of frequencies that you are able to hear.
On average, the human ear perceives frequencies between 20Hz and 20000Hz, but this perception can deteriorate with age, especially for frequencies close to ultrasound.

• Experience the acoustic beat phenomenon: For example, launch the application on two devices and then generate a frequency of 440Hz on one and 443Hz on the other.
You will then hear a “beat” of frequency 3Hz. This phenomenon is frequently exploited by musicians to tune their instruments by ear.

• Test your speakers and other audio devices.

• You may try to use this app as a mosquito repellent app (anti mosquito), but be aware that several scientific studies have found that ultrasounds are not an effective solution to repel mosquitoes.
Anti mosquito apps usually try to repel mosquitoes by generating near ultrasounds and ultrasounds (between 15000 Hz and 22000 Hz).

• This sound generator can simulate a dog whistle to help you train your dog by producing very high pitch sounds.

• Remove water from your phone speaker. If your phone is water-resistant and has been in contact with water, the speaker may now sound muffled. The vibrations caused by the generated frequencies will help unclog the water and repair your speaker.

Advanced Mode
Enable the Advanced Mode in the app menu to access the following features:
• Change the generated signal waveform: sine, square, triangle or sawtooth.
• Play a tone based on specific musical notes.

And like every good sound generator, the tone will be generated in background if the associated option is enabled in the app menu.

Keep in mind that the generated tones can be very annoying and irritating for your surroundings. Always use this application responsibly.

Note: When generating ultrasonic tones (20000 Hz and more), your device’s speaker may produce additional parasitic sounds. Hearing those sounds does not mean you can hear the actual frequency being played.

What’s New

• Bug fix

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