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What is video surveillance? Why do we need it? Does it cost a lot of money? “Web of Cam” allows you to monitor the people and things you care about with just one mobile phone, at anytime and from anywhere!

Just by installing “Web of Cam” onto your Android, iOS or Nokia S60 phones or tablets, you will be able to see video from another mobile phone or PC browser at real time through a Wi-Fi network.

You can configure your mobile phone into a Camera or Viewer unit. Alternatively, you can enter the URL displayed on the Camera device to a web browser and watch the video from PC.

Apart from Android, “Web of Cam” also supports iPhone, iPad and Nokia S60 devices. Please visit our web site to download the application for other platforms.

Now start using your phones or tablets to watch your napping baby while you are busy with your household chores!

– Stable video streaming at high quality
– Automatic camera discovery and pairing. No need to enter the IP of your wireless camera manually.
– Password protection for cameras
– Adjustable video resolution and white balance
– Can turn off the camera LCD to save power and life-time.
– Simultaneous connection from multiple viewers.
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