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This is an easy and quick free text translator. Suitable for mobiles and tablets.
It translates from and to 40 different languages and more, speaking the written words to get the right understanding.
If usually is used to translate from Spanish to English and vice versa, it can be used for a lot of different languages too.
This app is totally free, but you need an internet connection to receive the information from the translation server.

Now the supported languages are:
(en) English, (es) Spanish, (pt) Portuguese, (de) German, (hu) Hungarian, (ar) Arabic, (id) Indonesian, (bg) Bulgarian, (ca) Catalan, (it) Italian, (cs) Czech, (ja) Japanese, (zh-CHS) Chinese (simp), (lv) Latvian, (zh-CHT) Chinese (trad), (lt) Lithuanian, (ko) Korean, (ms) Malay, (ht) Haitian, (no) Norwegian, (da) Danish, (fa) Persian, (sk) Slovak, (pl) Polish, (sl) Slovenian, (ro) Romanian, (et) Estonian, (ru) Russian, (fi) Finnish, (sv) Swedish, (fr) French, (th) Thai, (el) Greek, (tr) Turkish, (he) Hebrew, (uk) Ukrainian, (hi) Hindi, (ur) Urdu, (mww) Hmong Daw, (vi) Vietnamese, (nl) Dutch.

This is the first version of this free translate app, therefore it can have some errors, we are grate full if you help us to find them and we try to make it better as soon as possible.
In the future translator versions we will add of can read text from the webcam, listen it trough the microphone and others features.
We have added an icon with a shortcut to a useful internet explorer browser to bring you a better online experience.
If the translator like you, we thank if you can give us a good rating to get better.
Thank you very much for using our translator!

Size : 630k
Current Version : 5.0
Requires Android : 2.2 and up


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