Free Internet Speed Test APK

Free Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test – Easily speed test check your Internet network connection!
Internet Speed Test
Easily speed test your Internet or network connection with Internet Speed Test for Android!
Check your Internet speed quickly and easily with just the tap of a button. If you’re not sure how to test the speed of Internet, look no further. This simple, easy-to-use app provides consistent, accurate internet speed testing from any location.

– Easy, one button tap starts the internet speed test
– Tests download, upload and latency speeds
– Conveniently saves past speed test results
– Consistent, single-server results
– Simple, easy-to-read tracking and reporting
– Unlimited on-the-go testing
– It’s FREE!
Whatever the network connection on your phone, tablet or Android device, you can test it with Internet Speed Test across most ISPs or Internet Service Providers. That includes:
– Mobile connections
– Broadband
– WiFi
– 3G
– 4G
– Cable Internet
– Satellite Internet
– Dial up
– Wireless Internet


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