Floating Stopwatch, free multitasking timer APK

Floating Stopwatch will float over all your running apps and over your lock-screen. No matter if you play a game or watch a video. You don't have to switch to and from the stopwatch app. Floating Stopwatch will run on top of all other apps on your Android device. This picture-in-picture stopwatch will not only work with Android Oreo. It can be also used with Android 4 or better. The timer can be moved and resized and is also available on your lock screen. With the timer configuration you can create your own stopwatch style. The App does not include any advertising or ask for unnecessary permissions. You don't need to be online to use it and it will work perfect in power saving mode. You can resize or move the floating stopwatch to place it all over your screen. You can select your own style including size, color and transparency.

This is a "Multi-Window Stopwatch" for everybody!

Floating Webcam is FREE & NO-ADS

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How to use:

– To launch/exit the stopwatch use the main application.
– To change size, color or opacity use the main application.
– To start/pause a launched stopwatch press the timer.
– To reset the timer double click the multi-window stopwatch.
– To quit the stopwatch you can long click the stopwatch. A confirmation dialog will appear.

V 3.0
⚪ You can enable up to 5 stopwatches
⚪ You can quit a stopwatch with long-click
⚪ Stopwatch will draw on lock-screen and over action-bar
⚪ Some nice looking icons on settings screen
⚪ Performance improvements
⚪ Minor bug fixes

V 2.0
⚪ Quit Stopwatch via notification bar. You don't need to open the app to quit the stopwatch.
⚪ Keep screen on option
⚪ Change text color of the floating stopwatch
⚪ Bug fix for problems in some time zones
⚪ Hide/Show milliseconds/hours option
⚪ Smaller font for milliseconds
⚪ Refactoring of the main screen
⚪ New color picker dialog

⚪ Performance improvements
⚪ Bug fix: Start Time <> 00:00:00:00 on some devices

V 1.1
⚪ Resize Slider at bottom for easier access with running "BIG" Stopwatch
⚪ Bug: Timer problem with running timer and start button
⚪ White font color and black outline for more contrast on any background
⚪ Minor layout changes for small dimensions
⚪ Buttons with more distinctive labels

V 1.0
⚪ Floating Stopwatch initial release
⚪ Replace online timer

What’s New

– Android M permissions
– New icon
– Inc. default size

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Floating Stopwatch, free multitasking timer
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