Floating Sticky Notes APK

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Floating notes allows you to create quick sticky notes that keep visible in screen while using other apps. You can dock them to the edge of the screen by pushing them. Usefull for quick note taking and keep all you need to remind accessible. Easy to use and simple. No hard configurations, no unnecessary options that bother you in your notes. You can have your notes visible or docked while you do other tasks.

•  Create sticky notes that keeps visible over other apps and are drag-able through the screen
•  User other apps while notes are visible or docked
•  Edit notes by touching the text inside
•  Dock notes dragging them to the screen edge.
•  Auto-Dock button to dock all the notes at once
•  Assign fancy icons to your notes
•  Widget for fast note taking and activate/deactivate notes visibility
•  Adjust notes transparency
•  No annoying ads
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NOTE 1: Sometimes the notes will disappear for a couple of seconds. It is not a bug, it is because the app is launched in a mode that saves battery and avoids the need to have a fixed notification in the notification bar. Usually it the time is so short you won’t even notice or it happens while phone is locked.
NOTE 2: For Andoid versions 2.X color and icons must be set inside the app, it is not possible to do it in the floating menu because of compatibility issues. Also transparency is not compatible with Android versions 2.X

Size : 1.6M
Current Version : 1.0.4
Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up



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