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Flash Alerts for Me

Waiting for an important call or a message but have no time to monitor your device? Let Flash Alerts for Me handle this for you! This smart, yet easy-to-use application will send a blinking flash to your device every time somebody’s trying to reach you.
Caught up in a meeting or your baby is asleep? You’ve put your phone in a silent mode, but don’t want to miss something important? With the app, you will always see the call or message without disturbing anyone!Here’s how it works: once you receive an incoming call, SMS or other notification from any app, the flash on your phone starts blinking, even when the device is muted.The app comes with default notification settings, but you can always customize them to your needs:
– Enable flash notifications for incoming calls and get a flash on call every time somebody’s trying to reach you.
– Activate flash alerts for incoming SMS and read all the meeting or party details as they come to your device.
– Select the apps you want to receive flash notifications from: Messengers, weather apps, social networks and much more, flash alerts can be used with each of the categories!
– It is equipped with a battery-saving mode to save the battery from draining at the end of the day.

Finally, with this app, your Android is only a swipe away from being a perfect flashlight, with SOS and strobe mode, bright and powerful enough even for signaling aliens at night!
Take control of your phone notifications with us!

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