Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank APK

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank APK offers plenty of ways to lock an Android device. As the name suggests, Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank simply fools and pranks your friends that your device is locked by fingerprint and it can be unlocked only by your fingerprint. It means it does not actually locks your device with a fingerprint. Even as a fingerprint simulator, this app has a lot of lock screen options, such as passwords, pins, and patterns. You can easily customize them.

Your fingerprint simulator is backed by several other lock options, which add another layer of security. It makes others feel that your device is locked by a very strict security pattern and it is not easy to unlock. This way, it can help avoid any potential threats from unauthorized people who just want to attack your privacy.


Fingerprint Lock Screen is designed for you to prank your friends, it simulated the process of Fingerprint identification. No app can really identify the fingerprint via phone screen. Just for fun.Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a pretty customizable screen locker that simulates the finger scan to unlock your phone screen. When you press your finger on the fingerprint detector panel, the fingerprint scanner will start to scan your fingerprint and verify the authority. The phone will be unlocked if the validation passes, otherwise the phone screen will still be locked.As mentioned above, Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a simulated app which is used to prank your friends. Then how to unlock the screen? You need to press your finger on the finger scanner and hold for 2 seconds, your phone will be unlocked. As a result, if your pressing time is less than or more than 2 seconds, the phone will still be locked. 

About Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank APK

With over 150k downloads, Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is the best security app for Android in 2019. You can easily prank with others with this fingerprint screen app. In addition, it can easily simulate fingerprint lock process and it is also for fun.

Fingerprint Lock Screen prank is fun and geeky app screen locker, which beautifully simulates the fingerprint, scan feature to unlock the device screen. When you touch the fingerprint panel on the screen, it will start scanning the fingerprint and verify the same. If it is fine, it will unlock the device. Otherwise, the device will remain locked.


Key features

  1. Amazing graphics and great fingerprint scanner
  2. Animated fingerprint scanning
  3. Slide to Unlock feature added
  4. Over 10 vivid and high-quality wallpapers
  5. Shows date and time in digital clock
  6. Weather status on screen
  7. Several settings like sliding text, background wallpaper, sound, and vibrate
  8. Realistic Fingerprint scanning and attractive HD wallpapers
  9. Lock/Unlock home button for added security
  10. Customize date, font size, and choose your favorite color
  11. Enable/Disable Weather details, Lock/Unlock button, Vibration, Sound, Date/Time, and Home Key


The new version

  1. Add pattern and password lock for added security
  2. Four lock screen themes added


How to Use Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank?

  1. Click on the button on the top left corner and place your finger to scan. The scanner will take 3-5 seconds to read and unlock your device
  2. On the top left corner, there is also an option to show/hide lock and unlock button for added security.
  3. After hiding the button, tap on the blank area on the top left corner or hidden button. This way, you can scan your fingerprint to open the device.
  4. You can also use the password if you forget the trick.

What’s New

Support more languages.
New enter GUI.
Fix small issue.

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Additional information

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank
2.77 MB
Android 4.0 and up
Jan 5, 2017
5,000,000+ downloads
Developed By
Wuua Apps

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that this is not a genuine Fingerprint Lock. Instead, the app is usefull to simulate the fingerprint lock. This app does not include biometric scanning and it does not actually scan the fingerprint. You can unlock your device with a trick in this app so you can prank others that your device has the in-display fingerprint scanner.


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