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Family Messenger for FREE. Keep your family safe!
Family Messenger is an incredible tool for you use to keep in touch, track and protect your family members remotely.
Family Messenger makes more than only tracks the exact location of your family members. You also can monitor their content devices to avoid sexting and bullying threats.
You can read inbound/outbound SMS messages remotely, receive automatic alerts when a family member have arrived or left a place and more.
* Can monitor 1 (ONE) device full for 7 days
* Family Messenger UNLIMITED
* Panic button UNLIMITED
* Mobile Control Panel UNLIMITED
* Web Control Panel UNLIMITED
* Full Location Tracking for 7 days
* Call History for 7 days (view the incoming/outgoing call log)
* SMS History for 7 days (full sent/received messages)
* Geofencing alerts for 7 days (if you kids arrived or left a place)
* Callbacks for 7 days (hear everything around the monitored device)
* Wipe Functions for 7 days (delete device’s data remotely)
Note: All new FREE accounts are elegible for a 7 days trial of Premium Version for 1 (ONE) device as describe above. After that, you can keep using the FREE version or upgrade to PREMIUM version to enchance your family protection.
If you thing get a world class app for family gps tracker or family gps locator you must try our Family Messenger service.
* Instantly monitor and track your children 24 hours per day.
* Keep in touch your family with a private group messenger for free.
* View call logs and read all SMS messages from monitored devices.
* Receive automatic alerts when he/she has arrived or left a place (home or school).
* In an emergency you can program the mobile device to dial any number and hear everything is happening around your family member.
* You can access information about all family members in a single panel, without create multiple accounts for each family member.
* Get additional information about signal levels and battery life of mobile devices used by every family member.
We’re always working to improve our service. In the future, maybe we can integrate and monitor tagged photos and names at social networks and app messengers like tikl touch to talk, heytell, oovoo video call, tango video calls & video calls, voxer walkie talkie and textplus free text. Another possibility is an integration with vlingo virtual assistant, speaktoit assistant, skyvi or any siri for android like app.
Upgrade to Premium version to keep your family more protected for only $9.99 per month. See below a list with exclusive Premium features:
* Up to 5 family members (devices) in the same account
* Unlimited Location History (since account’s creation)
* Unlimited Automatic alerts
* Unlimited Call History
* Unlimited SMS History (full text)
* Unlimited Callback requests
* No advertising
* Priority Support
* Plus all free features and new features that will be announced soon.
With Family Messenger you can access your family’s information online with your smartphone , pc or tablet and to feel comfortable even if you aren’t near your children and family members.


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