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Recognized by 10’s of thousands of Muslims around the world, the FajrUp connection platform connects the Ummah across time and space.

FajrUp also features:

.A digital Quran (With a daily verse)
.Mecca livestream
.GPS masjid locator
.Accurate prayer times based on your current location (GPS)
.Innovative FajrUp Calls feature
.Digital Qibla
.Azan for the prayer times
.Responsive Calendar


If you feel that the app is giving you wrong prayer times, it may be related to your devices settings. Enabling auto-settings is the most effective method to obtain accurate prayer times.

Be one with the Ummah of Muhammad SAW, gain reward, and encourage your Imaan, strengthen your Islam, help enable and encourage (spread) the Salat.

The Messenger of Allah SAW said 'That whoever observes Al-Bardan (i.e, the Fajr & Asr Prayers) will enter Jannah'. Al Bukhari & Muslim.

FajrUp is a social alarm application that automatically sets to your Fajr Salah time via GPS. You could be receiving a call from anywhere in the world. Calls are 15 seconds long, numbers will not be displayed/nor disclosed to any user, a modern way to be woken up for your salah. Essentially, the app works as a social alarm, a medium attempting to connect the whole ummah and in doing so encouraging the Ummah to wake each other for their Fajr Salah.

Here comes the 'sciency' part: You Select 'Fajr UP ME' and wait to receive a call from a FajrUppie, or select 'Fajr UP SOMEONE' and become that 'FajrUppie calling someone who has requested to be woken up. Should you not receive a call, the Adhan wakes you automatically, should you over sleep, then you will receive a missed call reminder, provided someone tried to call you.

The app is gender specific, brothers can only call brothers and sisters can only call sisters. We want to uphold and protect the modesty of our users.

The app enables you to speak directly with the Ummah, besides saying 'Asalama Alaikum', maybe share an Ayat of the Quran Al Kareem or a Hadith, or a greeting in your language, we are a global Ummah after all. It is very useful in reminding you to converse to Allah, make tawbah/taubah, and can be handy during special months like Ramadan.

Alternative wake up function; If nobody wakes you up for Fajr, you will be woken by the standard Adhan.

Auxiliaries include: The other prayers times for your locations via GPS, Quran, a mecca live stream, a masjid GPS locator and a calendar highlighting notable days within the year, there is also a digital Qibla.

What’s New

Makkah Live fix
Feature support for Oreo devices

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FajrUp Muslim Islam Quran Qibla salah call mecca
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