FaceKaaba: Iqama Prayer Times APK

– Shows nearby Mosques / Masjids along with prayer and Salat / Congregation / Jamaat / Iqama timings
– Islamic Calendar with adjustable local moon sighting dates
– Automatically puts your phone in Silent Mode in Mosques
– Prayer / Salat / Namaz times and Qibla direction based on user location

Allah's Apostle said, "The prayer in congregation is twenty seven times superior to the prayer offered by person alone." Volume 1, Book 11, Number 618:

There is a need for an application for mobile devices and computers, which will provide a user, the correct location of nearby Mosques / Masjids and actual times for Salat in these Mosques / Masjids, at any geographic location. The key concept here is ‘Actual’ Salat / Jammat / Congregation times with ‘Computed’ Salat times.

There are many applications available (for Muslims) that provide the location of nearby Mosques / Masjids, and also provide the generic or computed Salat times for that geographical location, the problem is that these computed Salat times are not the actual times when Salat / Jammat / Congregation is performed in these Mosques / Masjids.

Due to the fact that there are millions of Mosques / Masjids in the world, it is not possible to maintain and update a database, with correct and actual Salat / Jammat / Congregation times by a few individuals. FaceKaaba application can provide a solution for the issues discussed above, by taking advantage of the social networking.

By adding this social networking aspect, we will create a community where users will maintain the database of this application, update the Salat / Jammat / Congregation times of their neighborhood Mosques / Masjids as they change, thus allowing all users to locate a mosque nearby and find out the actual Salat / Jammat / Congregation times rather than the computed Salat times.

Other Features:

– Masjid / Mosque contact information and directions
– Athan (Aazaan or Aadhan) or beep based notifications for prayer times
– Qibla / Kaaba directions/compass based on user locations
– User distance from Kaaba
– Islamic Calendar as well as always visible Hijri date on main screen
– Ramadan/Ramazan Calendar with Sahoor and Iftar timings
– Shows prayer times for unlimited number of days based on user location
– Shows the countdown timer of next prayer time on main screen to catch the next prayer
– Hijri Date correction for non-arab countries to keep their calendars up to date
– Day Light Saving option
– Juristic methods option (for Asar prayer): Standard (Imams Shafii, Hanbali and Maliki), Hanafi
– Prayer time calculation method option (for Fajr and Isha): University of Islamic Sciences (Karachi), Shia Ithna Ashari (Jafari), Islamic society of North America (ISNA), Muslim World League (MWL), Umm al-Qura (Makkah), Egyptian General Survey Authority, Geophysics Institute (University of Tehran),

Note: For an accurate localization of Qibla directions, Prayer timings, Mosque / Masjid locations, please ensure that your location settings are enabled.

Qibla: The Kaaba, Kaba or Ka'aba also known as the Sacred House is a cuboid building at the center of Islam's most sacred mosque, Al-Masjid al-Haram, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Kaaba (Qibla) is the most sacred point within this most sacred mosque, making it the most sacred location in Islam.

What’s New

Fixed angle settings for ISNA method. Now Fajr is at 17.5° instead of 15°.

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