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Extreme Go- Personal Voice Assistant 22 APK

The most secure Personal Voice Assistant AI
Now available for Android Go!

Lightweight and fast, yet still packed with your favorite features, the Extreme Assistant is now available on Android (Go edition)!

Use your voice to get directions to the nearest coffee shop, make calls hands free during your commute, and unwind by playing your favorite tunes. Your personal Extreme Assistant is here to help! Ask your Extreme Assistant questions and get things done. Use it anytime, anywhere.

Now, you can also have an AI voice assistant app that will be the best virtual personal assistant, you could have ever found. Period.

All you need to do is download the voice assistant app, and begin your journey with Extreme.

Extreme is fully capable of understanding conversations in English and giving you everything you could expect from it. And we mean everything.

β€’ πŸ”’ Unlike all other Assistant apps, Extreme protects your privacy. All your conversations with Extreme Assistant are stored in your device securely and is never seen by anyone else other than you. All the data is automatically deleted if you uninstall Extreme. πŸ”’

β€’ Extreme currently supports English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Breton, Catalan, Spanish, French, German.

β€’ Extreme Works offline! Carry all the commands offline. No need to connect to the internet.

β€’ 🌐 Want to bounce a question off the internet? Just ask Extreme your question, and let it handle getting you the answer to "What is radiation?" like a boss.

β€’ πŸ“· Extreme voice assistant is also your trusted selfie expert, just ask "Extreme, Take a selfie" and it will be done.

β€’ πŸ—ΊοΈ Never get lost, with Extreme helping you find places on Google Maps, be it downtown Venice or rusty Palampur.

β€’ ⚽ Get your daily scoop on your areas of interest. Just ask Extreme voice assistant to update you, say, "Extreme, Update me on yesterday's football match"

β€’ πŸ“§ And it's not just this, the Extreme voice assistant can download and play stuff for you, call/ text your friends, email your colleagues and even answer phone calls!Β 
Extreme is contextually aware of time & device settings and he adapts himself based on when you wake him up.

β€’ πŸ₯š Apart from the regular chores, Extreme tries his best to keep you entertained. There are some Easter eggs hidden inside the app, see if you can uncover them!

β€’ πŸ’¬ Extreme can Skype, WhatsApp and use many more core apps, all that you are needed to do is find out its capabilities!

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