Evernote App Video tutorial

Evernote App tutorial

If you’re interested in more information of the App features you can view our app review right here

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hello apps apk followers and welcome to
another video of 2019 now today we are
gonna look at the app Evernote now this
app works as a planner for notes and
memos so whenever you want to note
things down it’s always good to use
Evernote because it allows you to check
your phone for things like to-do lists
and tasks that are at hand this app is
also important if you are a business
person as well because it allows you to
set goals for yourself and to take down
things that you have tick down goals
that you have hit and of course set new
ones so let’s get straight into it so as
you can see I have already downloaded
the app so let’s go ahead to open now
once this app has finished loading up
you want to sign up I already have an
account so I’m just gonna go to continue
with Google so just give me a second
while I enter my details and of course
I’m going to blur things out just for
safety purposes in my passwords so now
is getting me set up right so now once
you have finished downloading the app it
will give you some step-by-step
guidelines on where to go for certain
things so for example it says it to of
course also save photos from your
gallery so it’s giving you you know step
by step etcetera the first section that
we are going to look at is all notes so
these are all the notes that you have of
course um now what is what is
interesting about this app as well is
that it allows you to
share your notes with different people
and you can also give access to other
Evernote users as well
and it’s a pretty cool tool because if
you’re a business for example you can of
course share your notes with Eva your
should I say friends or you can share
this with either you know your students
or your employees and this is very good
what’s also interesting about this app
as well is that it allows you to sync it
so not only does does this app work with
Android but also works with Apple as
well if I was to decide to change my
phone from an Android to an apple I
would still have access to the same
notes that I had previously with Android
and this is pretty cool because it
allows you to save certain information
in case you change from phone to a
desktop or something like that or a
different device now let’s go to
notebooks so this is my notebooks this
is what I have so far I’m already a big
Evernote user so I don’t really have a
lot here the next thing we have is
shared with me so this is one person I
have documents or information shared
with he actually shared this little
document with me so you know I can see
and what I can also do is I can edit the
notes as well so if you see on the
bottom right hand corner it says edits
notes you want to click on the pen and
then it allows me to you know write on
to this and you know remove sets of
stuff well I just made a mistake let me
go back and then once I’ve finished
editing you know I can press the top
left hand click or tick sorry
and yet what I can also do is I can add
attachments over here I can add photos
you know I can you know change the font
style so I can put bold I can underline
things you know I can cook step so step
one step two etc bullet points you know
and so forth so this is a very detailed
app the next thing we we want to go to
is collect photos so this basically
allows you to use photos from your
gallery you know and it actually saves
them to your notes which is pretty
web chat you know you can also talk with
the people that you have shared
documents with and so forth we also have
dark themes so if your phone is very
bright you can turn on dark theme to
lower the brightness of the phone and
then there’s also settings so there’s
also you know you can do stuff with the
cameras the notes etc and yet so this is
a very good app to use with not just one
person but a multiple group of people
and this is very useful for businesses
and yet there you have it guys so if
you’ve liked this evernote tutorial or
review please leave a like and do
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videos thanks for watching

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