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Espier PrivChat is a unique mobile social app, designed specifically for the privacy protection. By using this app, you can communicate with people from all around the
world, make friends with them, share your idea, reveal your feelings, express your views, and so on. This app eliminates the national boundaries on the Internet. You
can even communicate freely with the people who are speaking different language.

1. eMessage and Anonymous Chat Community
* eMessage not only provides the unlimited text messaging service for you and your friends, but also provides support for file transfer.
* Hundred Emoji emoticons can help you to enhance the expression power of your messages.
* Encrypted transfer to prevent your data from illegal spying.
* Support for traditional SMS/MMS – unified messaging technology.
* Join or create an anonymous chat community to chat with people from aroud the world, anonymously.
2. Privacy Guard
* This app provides various private message types and enhanced password to protect your privacy.
* You can mark a message as secret message to prevent accidental disclosure of important information.
* You can encrypt and store your important files in your device.
3. Personal Message Services and eCloud
* Support for the management and maintenance of your personal card.
* You can store your notes and diaries in the cloud easily.
* eCloud is a cloud service which acts as your private network drive. You can store your important files in eCloud, and then share it to your friends.
4. Others
* Flat style user interfaces – they are simple and practical.
* Mark some conversations as your favorites.
* Management of your PGP keyrings.
* Management of your local files.
For detailed information about the usage of this app, please visit
Note that the basic functions of this app are FREE. But if you want to use the advanced features, you need to pay 1,500 Espier Coins to get the full-feature
license. Or you can use the Pro edition of this app. The following advanced features need the full-feature license or Pro edition:
* Remove the ads in anonymous chat community.
* Translate messages in anonymous chat community.
* Create 100 online users community (20 online users community for free version).
* Use OpenPGP encryption messages and OTR encryption conversations to protect your privacy thoroughly.
* Upgrading the space size of your eCloud drive to 4GB from 40MB.
* Upgrading the maximal size of one file being transferred to 1GB from 10MB.

1. Please keep the password of your Espier ID and the enhanced passwords for your OpenPGP security key and secret messages in mind.
2. Please export and store your OpenPGP security key in a safe place after you generate your OpenPGP keypair.
3. Always use your real email address to register Espier ID. If the email address is not valid any more, please visit : to change the email address ASAP.
4. Please change your password of Espier ID ASAP by visiting : once you lost your phone.

Size : 7.9M
Current Version : 3.4.3
Requires Android : 2.3.3 and up


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