ES File explorer App Video review| A must app in any Android

ES file explorer video

Did you ever want an android app that can handle all the little things you need as an android user? well look no further, because Es File explorer is a one stop shop kind of app, this app is so diversified, it will cover almost all bases for your usual day-to-day regular use.

Getting this app is easy, you just click here and download it to your mobile device, so look no further, this app is everything that you ever looked for, among its vast options you can find:

  • File transfer options thru Bluetooth or wifi
  • Backup your android apps, shortcuts to your favorite apps, uninstall apps in just one click and more.
  • Optimization of your files size, phone performance and battery saver
  • Access your smartphone thru your PC and vice versa

The above is just a handful of what this app can do, check it out, you will thank AppsApk later.


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