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The #1 app to learn data science, learn to code, stay on top of tech trends, or to keep improving as a developer! Topics include SQL, Data Science, JavaScript, Python, Blockchain, CSS, HTML, Security, git, CompSci fundamentals, Linux and Java.

Make progress through the structured curriculum in each topic. Quickly and easily discover new ideas, practice new concepts, and answer interactive quizzes.

Over 1 million people have used Enki to learn data science, new technical topics, to learn to code, or to fill in knowledge gaps in topics they're familiar with already. If you use the app for a few weeks you’ll see the results for yourself.

Here's what Enki users are saying in the reviews:

"The best programming app out there, UX is god class"

"So far I am learning a lot of new information! The small daily tasks really keep you focused and on track while not consuming all your time. It's a good format."

"I love this app, helps me learn on a daily basis and keeps me accountable for being on point when it comes to coding"

"Quick workouts are great for learning how to code on my lunch breaks."

"Wonderful app, really, well designed and all workouts are perfectly designed, ads are not disruptive and the text is perfectly comprehensible. Even beginners can understand what is written in all workouts (provided they select the beginner level). Recommended for everyone, from programming masters to beginners!"

To learn more, visit www.enki.com

What’s New

Hello Enkizens, a new release is here 🎉
– 💸 Enki Pro is more accessible. Becoming a pro is easier to try out (buy a month for 5$) and more affordable (3$/mo for the year)
– 🤓 Learn from mistakes. Getting a question wrong gives an option to use a step-by-step solution helper
– 💬 Comments got some polish. Any draft comment you didn’t post yet is auto-saved on your device
– ✨ The lessons are a bit fancied up. Our content now supports more text elements allowing for a richer reading experience

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Enki: Learn data science, coding, tech skills
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