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*** ENGLISH GRAMMAR ULTIMATE (Grammar now in my pocket) ***

Grammar is the study of words and the ways words work together. An invisible force that guides us as we put words together into sentences. Any person who communicates using a particular language is consciously or unconsciously aware of the grammar of that language.

To speak in a clearer and more effective manner we study grammar. A person who has unconscious knowledge of grammar may be sufficient for simple language use, but the ones who wish to communicate in an artful manner and well, will seek greater depth of understanding and proficiency that the study of grammar provides.

This android application will help to improve your English grammar. Keep this application always in your pocket. give us feedback and join our English grammar communities for more updates.

Version 2.0
☆☆☆New Topics ☆☆☆
** Spoken English **
** Tenses **

* Question Tags
* Reported Speech
* Trial Questions
* Use of Let
* Use Of Little, A Little, Few, A Few
* Use of Shall
* Use of Should
* Use of Wish
* Used to
* Using of Must or Have To
* Verbs
* Phrases
* Plurals
* Practice1
* Prepositions
* Pronouns
* Punctuation Marks
* Quantifiers

Version 1.0
☆☆☆ Topics ☆☆☆

* Active Or Passive Voice
* Adjectives
* Adverbs
* Articles
* Auxiliary Verbs
* Capitalization
* Grammar Mistakes
* Conditionals
* Conjunctions
* Degree of comparison
* Determiners
* Direct & indirect speech
* English phonetics
* Essay Writing
* Figure of speech
* Gender
* Gerund and present participles
* Going to
* Had better
* Homonyms
* Idioms
* Independent & Dependent Clauses
* Infinitives
* Interjections
* Irregular verbs
* Nouns

What’s New

Version 4.5
☆ Crash in practice fixed for lower devices

Version 4.4
☆ Crashes on some devices fixed
☆ Now supporting older versions of Android Also (From GingerBread)
☆ Design Improvements
☆ Lots of small issues fixed
☆ Size of Application reduced to 7.63 MB now
☆ This is our major update. Try to update this app Asap

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