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***  Why i can’t uninstall this App ***
We are so sad because we get a lot of one star by can’t uninstalling EasyTouch 🙁
Can’t uninstall because of the Android OS, it need deactivate ‘Lock Screen’ before you uninstall.
You can uninstall in the Setting of EasyTouch(Not system setting) or unintall it by following step:
Settings -> Location & Security -> Select Device Administrators -> Cancel this app.
Than try to uninstall again, thanks.
We are so sorry, any question, email to:
[email protected]
What is Easy Touch?
Easy Touch Not a Widget!
Easy Touch is a button which looks like AssistiveTouch on iPhone, and it’s All Free!
It floats on your phone screen(floats on others app), you can move it to any where.

– What Easy Touch can do?
Easy Touch provides a very convenient way to:
– Quick settings(Change your phone settings like turn on Wifi, change screen brightness and so on).
– Open your favour app.
– Go to Home Screen.
– Back button(need Root support).
– Menu button(need Root support).
– Lock Screen(sorry for some problems on Galaxy s3 and some 4.0.+ Android OS).
– App list.
– Open recent task(double press).
– Task manager(Kill task,need Root support)
– Memory optimize(Ram optimize)
– Time display
– Clean cache
– Switch include:
– Brightness
– Ringer mode
– Bluetooth
– WiFi
– APN(Mobile Data)
– Auto rotation
– Flashlight
– Air-plane mode
– Volume
– Easy Touch themes
Also you can cahnge you Easy Touch theme.
That is more powerful than Widget.
– Thank you to those voluntary translator!
If you would like to translate the app into other languages, please contact us:[email protected]
Thank you!




  • Hi guys,Samsung users…this is the best app This is the best app to protect your phone buttons and this is made us get very quick actions..but you need to adjust as you wish… ..one tap ,double tap and long press i put them to represent home,lock screen and power

  • How can i change the type of file of the picture. Like in the first place, the file type is .png and i want it to be .jpeg? Pls answer

  • The coin is loading to much when im going buy the theme but its keeps on loading pls fix its cs tat time i can download many but now i cant

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