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Easy Picture Reduction - Resize-1 Easy Picture Reduction - Resize-2

“Easy picture reduction” is a compressor application that take a reduced picture and reduce an existing picture.
As you can delete the privacy information such as the location, date and time, you don’t have to worry about that these information are show off.
In New Version, Following feature has been added
*Manage reduced images in the gallery
*Resizing multiple images at the same time
*Reduce to any size
*Specify image file format
Have you been in trouble for too high resolution pictures of the smartphone?
*You have friends or parents who have the feature(old style) phone.
*You frequency post pictures to social service.
*You take pictures more than two per one day.
If applying to any the above, you should download this application and use pictures properly,
take a auto compressed picture or resize(shrink) a picture in the terminal(gallery).
1)send a picture to the feature phone
Though smartphone share is spreading, the share of feature phones also still not small.
There must be feature phone users around you.
Opportunity to send your picture by e-mail in the spread of the SNS has decreased,
but on the other case you need to reduce a picture when you send.
There are some applications that can reduce the picture, but too much extra function
or boring process to take a picture.
2)save the data
As the smartphone has big storage than the feature phone, but the data of picture,
movie, application also is big, the storage may no available space or the operation may be very slowly.
The pictures of daily food or the photos shared to SNS must be not necessary to be high resolution.
Except for important pictures to save ever, you had better resize them to small size.
In addition, this application allows users to take a reduced picture.
When you take the picture that need not high resolution, you should have the habit to take the picture by this application.
3)comfortable speed
No waiting time with stress free.
Reducing the amount of data, you can feel comfortable using your smartphone.

Offered By : Linever Corporation


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