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Face it, most Android home screens are a MESS. If you’re like me, you’ve got so many app and game icons that you have trouble finding what you want, and it’s a pain to organize them. Plus, if you do finally get them organized, they get messy again soon after.
The solution: Easy Launcher !
. “Absolutely the best launcher I’ve ever seen”
. “Good for lazy man like me”
. “Easy Launcher made my phone usable again”
. “Forget Facebook Home, this is the best!!”
When Easy Launcher first loads up, it ORGANIZES all of your icons into four neat tabs – Favorites, Games, Apps and System, so that it’s easy to find the icon you’re looking for. You control what goes into Favorites, so that you always have FAST access to your most-used apps and games, while Easy Launcher automatically sorts the rest.
Got too many apps and games that are causing clutter? No problem. Easy Launcher gives you one-click access to UNINSTALL — no longer do you have to hunt for the phone’s Settings app. And, as you install and uninstall more apps and games, Easy Launcher continually keeps your icons organized — automatically.
But the real MAGIC is the fifth tab that Easy Launcher gives you, the Genie tab. In the Genie tab, Easy Launcher analyzes all the apps and games you’ve installed on your own, then gives you PERSONALIZED recommendations of other GREAT apps and games you might like. Don’t like a recommendation? No problem — just tell Genie never to recommend it again, and Genie remembers your preferences. The more you use Easy Launcher, the smarter Genie gets!
And, Easy Launcher is 100% free, with no ads and no spam whatsoever.

Size : 1.5M
Current Version : 1.07
Requires Android : 2.0 and up



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