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Easy Ads Cleaner protects you from being attacked by malicious ads !
* Immediately find the Cause of Spam Ads
* Get an overview of your apps in different levels of harassment
* Just one tap to keep you away from being attacked again
Since ads are booming on mobile devices, you may come across the following annoying ads everyday:
1.    High Risk apps containing the following Ads behavior may disturb users or cause potential leakage of your private information
1)    Push Ads in Notification Bar
2)    Leak Phone Number
3)    Dial when click on ads
4)    Send text messages when click on ads
5)    Read your address book
2.    Middle Risk Apps containing the following Ads behavior may leak your device info or cause moderate behavior on ads click
1)    Collect device or mobile network info
2)    Collect location information
3)    Write spam messages to your inbox
4)    Send email or take photo when click on ads
3.    Low Risk Apps containing the following Ads behavior may adversely impacted on performance
1)    Download files on ad click
2)    Create shortcut on home screen
3)    Modify browser homepage or bookmarks
Now Easy Ads Cleaner is your solution.
It is an easy, professional and effective tool to help user find the source of harassment and lead to these annoying and potential threatening ads.
Tap scan button to find out which apps are the cause of annoying ads behavior. All you have to do is to uninstall those apps.
1.    Scan your phone and tell you apps containing ads plugins with all potential threatening ads behavior.
2.    Help you find out apps which may push ads on your android notification bar and list them at the top of the list.
3.    Tell you the risk level of apps in your phone according to their ads behavior.
4.    One click to uninstall apps that responsible for annoying ads
5.    Get the details of ads behavior and ads platform information if you want to know specific reason.
1.    One tap to find the threatening sources
2.    One click to uninstall apps that responsible for annoying ads.
1.    Immediately scan all your apps and find out the threatening sources
1.    Help you find about the most threatening ads behavior on 50 most popular ads platform.
1.    Intelligently rate your apps by potential ads behavior and list them on different risk level.
2.    Just press the menu button to send us feedback.
Worth a try! Please feel free to send your suggestions to us.

Size : 329k
Current Version : 1.2.0
Requires Android : 2.1 and up



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