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e-wallets will safely secure all your sensitive data and valuable information

e-wallets is the safest & most secure app to digitally store your important personal IDs and sensitive data such as your drivers license, passport, credit & debit cards, health insurance documents and so much more.

e-wallets is the perfect solution to digitally backup all your important IDs and sensitive documents in the event they are lost, stolen or even in the case of an emergency.

Users can simply create an account and store all the confidential banking and other relevant information safely which can be accessed anytime and anywhere by logging into your e-wallets account.

e-wallets uses an encrypted passcode and thumb impression to authenticate and access your e-wallets. So without your own personal permission, nobody will have access to your sensitive data but you.

Download e-wallets now on Android Google Play to safely secure all your personal & sensitive data today.

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