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eIslamExplorerLite is a complete set of Islamic scriptures.
eIslamExplorerLite is a Study tool for a normal student of Islamic Studies as well as an Scholar. It is a unique and powerful application that enables us to study the Quran and Hadith at many levels.
Note : App create big database in SD card at first use. This takes some time depending on your device speed
*Please restart your device after first use*
Major features:
>Uthmani and Indopak script
>Now people from Indian sub-continent can read Quran easily with Indopak script
>~Word by Word
*Read each Ayah word by word and its translation
*Meaning of each word of ayah
*Get Root word
*Other places in Quran where the same or different form of this word appears
>Browse Quran by Surah+Ayah, Manzil, Juzz and even Rukhoo.
>~More than 40 translations in various languages can be viewed (simultaneously) for comparison and better understanding
*English: Transliteration,Saheeh International,Yusuf Ali,Sarwar,Shakir,Ahmed Ali,Ahmed Raza Khan,Arberry,Asad,Daryabadi,Maududi,Pickthall,Qaribullah+Darwish,Wahiduddin Khan
*Urdu: Maududi,Raza Khan,Ahmed Ali,Jalandhry,Tahir ul Qadri,Haider Jawadi,Junagarhi,Najafi
*ArabicComentry: Jalalayn, Muyassar
*Albanian: Efendi Nahi,Feti Mehdiu,Sherif Ahmeti
*French: Hamidullah
*German: Abu Rida,Bubenheim+Elyas,Khoury,Zaidan
*Malay: Basmeih
*Turkish: Al? Bulaç, Diyanet ??leri, Diyanet Vakf?, Edip Yüksel, Elmal?l? Hamdi Yaz?r, Öztürk
>Transliteration of the complete Qur’an for people unable to read Arabic.
>~Verse by verse recitation by
Abdul Basit, Abdullah Basfar, Abdurrahman As-Sudais, Abu Bakr Ash-Shaatree, Ahmed ibn Ali al-Ajamy, Alafasy, Ghamadi, Hani Rifai, Husary, Hudhaify, Ibrahim Akhdar, Maher Al Muaiqly, Menshawy Mujawwad, Muhammad al Tablaway, Muhammad Ayyoub, Muhammad Jibreel, Ibraaheem Ash-Shuraym, Muhsin Al Qasim, AbdulRahman Bukhatir
>English and Urdu Translation recitation
>Offline playback of audios after downloading (no data connection required)
>Arabic, English and Urdu translations of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim (Working on other books of saha-e-Sattah)
>International numbering accepted by most Islamic schools and scholars
>Related Hadiths feature: A unique study material, list of hadiths having similar topics
>~Hadith-e-Qudsi: Reports from the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) where He relates to the people what Allah has said or did, but this information is not part of the Qur’an
>~Agreed Upon Hadith (Sahihain), Group of hadiths common in Sahih Bukhari And Sahih Muslim
>Type of each Hadith (Hadith-e-Qudsi, Hadith-e-Marfu’o, Hadith-e-Maqtu’, Hadith-e-Mauquf)
>Hadith recitation in english (Using text to speech API)
(3)Miracles in Quran
> The perfection of the literary language of the Qur’an, the incomparable features of its style and the superior wisdom contained within it are some of the definitive proofs that it represents the word of our Lord. (More than 100 Articles on Scientific fact in Quran)
> This part of the application enumerates and explains in detail each of the Scientific Miracles that were unveiled by the Quran 1400 years ago, but have been only recently discovered by the World’s great Scientists.
(4)Salat Time (Beta)
>Islamic Prayer Times based on your location (Longitude, Latitude)
>Month vs chart
(5)Search (Beta)
Search Arabic text in Quran and Hadith with and without ehrabs.
(6) Social Media integration and Sharing
>Now sharing your favorite Quranic Ayah made easy, Share Any Ayah or group of ayahs to your friends.
>Share Ayahs of the Qur’an as Image, text or html via sms, emails, Bluetooth, Facebook, eBuddy, Picasa etc.
>Share Hadith as Image via emails, Bluetooth, Facebook, eBuddy, Picasa etc
(7) Book Marks
>Now Bookmark your favorite ayahs and hadiths with topic name and description.
(8) Other features
>App is designed to install on SD card.
>Free future updates
1)Features marked ~ are partially available in Lite version

Size : 14M
Current Version : 2.13
Requires Android : 2.2 and up



  • I have purchased the upgraded version of e islam explorer, but it does not download the audio files. please let me know how to download the audios

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