Duplicate Contacts Manager APK

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A Clean Simple app to deal with your Duplicate Contacts Problems and Many more, It has Multiple features as below :

1 .Duplicate Contacts Detector : (Free Feature) Detects all duplicates contacts on your phone,Country Codes are also considered for Duplicates Identification.
2. Duplicate Contacts Remover :(Pro Feature) Removes all above identified exact number duplicates & makes you contacts clean.
3. Duplicate Contacts Manager- Email Based Duplicate :(Free Feature) Removes exact email contacts duplicates & makes you contacts clean.
3. Duplicate Contacts Manager- Number Based : (Free Feature) Same Contact Number stored in different Names ? No problem its solved here Option remove the duplicate name and retain the correct name of your choice.
4. Duplicate Contacts Manager- Name Based : (Free Feature) Same Contact Name having different Numbers ? No problem its solved here too, Option to select and retain the correct name – number combination.
5. Merge Contacts : (ProFeature) : Multiple Contacts with Same Contact Name but Different Numbers ? Use this feature to Merge Contacts, Note : It works only with number based contacts not email ids.
6. Delete Invisible and Empty Contacts : (FreenFeature) : Remove Invisible Contacts and Empty Contacts whih has no data in your android phone.
7. Email Contact Remover : (Free Feature) Remove email contacts which came when you synced with gmail/outlook application,Option to select specific contacts are also added.
8. Contacts Exporter : (Free Feature) Option to export all your contacts details in PDF,CSV and Txt Format.
9. Import Contacts from Excel and CSV (Free Feature) : New Feature added to auto import contacts from a xls , csv .
10. Contacts Remover : (Free Feature) New Feature added to remove all contacts in a single shot or select youer choice of contact to be deleted..
11 Duplicate contacts with in a contacts : (Free Feature) Do you have duplicate data with in a contact ?.. This is the solution
12 Remove Invisible Contacts : (Free Feature) Do you know you have Invisible contacts ?This is the solution to fix them up
….. Much Much More to Come …
Disclaimer – This app collects Crashes/Exceptions directly from your device to Live Google Analytics through internet so that I can Fix the issues immediatley and keep application working smooth for you,No Personal Data is Collected in any sense. You can reference the need for this here (developers.google.com/analytics/)

Size : 2.1M
Current Version : 2.4
Requires Android : 2.3 and up
Offered By : Sunil D M


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