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Du Speed Booster app review

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hello apps apk followers and welcome to
another video of 2019 so the app that we
are gonna look at today is the speed
booster now what the speed booster is is
basically an app that allows you to free
up space and to also save battery on
your phone so let’s get straight into it
so once you open the app in the main
menu you see a couple buttons here the
top button basically does most of the
jobs that you can see at the bottom for
example phone boosting trash cleaner etc
so if you go into phone boost for
example so as it says fully boosted what
it basically does it basically kills
certain apps that are running in the
so for example if you are running
Instagram or Chrome and you haven’t
closed it fully this will help you to
close down the apps for you so that you
can save memory on your phone so that
your phone can run faster and that you
could also save a bit of battery as well
now let’s go into the next button which
is the trash cleaner so once you press
this the app is gonna identify all the
files that you have got which is
internal external so here as you can see
there’s the gallery whatsapp and it
basically analyzes the space that it’s
taken up on the phone and you can
actually delete certain things
individually from apps to files to apks
and so forth and then once you are ready
to clean you want to press the button
below and then the app is gonna clean
trash cleaned and that’s the job done
let’s go straight into these security so
what this is basically doing is its
scanning every app on the phone to see
if there is a virus and so forth so as
you can see here there’s something going
on there and I want to fix that now just
so that I don’t have any issues with the
phone in the future so this app is very
useful for you if you are trying to save
up space and battery and also to keep
your phone safe
from viruses and future issues that your
phone might have so this is the end of
the tutorial guys so if you liked this
tutorial please leave a thumbs up and
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notified on the upcoming videos this is
the end peace

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