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Dragon Kakalot – Legend Warrior 1.0.6 APK

Legend Dragon Warrior – kakalot super return

If you like db/z/kai warrior and want to join dragon fighterz battle, let try our game.

Legend Dragon Warrior – kakalot super return is a pixel db anime fighting game Z , this game is about the new geneartion of warriors ,saiyan,angels,namekians, and heroes of the universe.

Legend Dragon Warrior – kakalot super return CONTROL:
– Move right/ left/jump, Attach, KI Blast, Teleport, Block, Power, Counter
– press and hold attack button to perform combos.
– Power + move : super speed
– button 1/2/3 perform: Ki Beam, Final Flash. Death Beam
– and Special skill: Energy Ball, Dragon Strike, Death Ball, Big Bang Attack

Choose your favorite character, such as a dragon warrior and heroes, ultimate shinigami or shinobi ninja, and even a god of destruction,
you can choose any of the 4 modes to play :
1- 1 vs 1 mode, choose your super character and fight your oponent
2- team vs team, choose your hero and a partner to fight other enemies in great team battle
3- story mode , follow the story line of the new genearation of cosmos
4-training mode, train your character and get elong with the game play and the use of combos, special attacks, instant transmition, final attacks…
all the warriors are from the new cosmos ( Z / KAI / GT ),
Collect more coins bye playing more matchs to unlock all character. like : different saiyans, such as saiyan of new universe , evil god, gok of universe 13, son of picol. black brol, time breakers,teen uub…etc .each one has his own special attakcs such as : Dragon Recall, Big Bang Attack, energy ball, Super Ki Blast, Super Kamehameha, final blow .. The more coins you collect by beating enemies the more you unlock
ALSO there are super saiyan transformations tap limit breaker, golden form, hakaishin mode…

—- Legend Dragon Warrior – kakalot super return features —-
– 33 super Warriors
– 9 Maps
– 4 play mode : training , 1 vs 1, team battle, story mode
– fantastic Effect & amazing pixel Graphic & Sound.
-smooth control
-super saiyan transformation during battle

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99.65 MB
Developed By
nzthorne studio

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