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One Game’s Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D’s high-quality visuals, excellent sound performance and a wide range of battle vessels presented in the game, attest to the game’s millions of downloads and a high rating in Google Play. With last May’s version 2.7.27 APK, the update even addressed numerous bug fixes

The game app’s excellent graphics and the engaging experience of flight control simulation in manoeuvring all kinds of military helicopters in different war zones will get you all pumped-up into combat mode.

The buzz of Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D MOD APK

Gunship Battle Apk

A one-player game, this free-to-play Gunship Battle MOD APK feels like real-time air combat, fighting against numerous war vessels such as tanks, submarines, battleships, and other helicopters. Connectivity to the internet is not a must and the offline version can be preferred since no annoying ads pop up and you can still enjoy all of the game’s full features. The online version though will enable you to compare your rankings with other players.

Starting off the game with a default helicopter called Little Bird, for each mission completed you will earn extra points which can be used to purchase more advanced military helicopters. The models range from real-life choppers such as Black Hawk to more fictional ones such as Dragon Ship.

Each phase of this warfare game involves the destruction of the enemy’s vessels, buildings, and soldiers, through an unlimited amount of ammunition. The more levels you surpass, the more your enemies get organized and intelligent and the more attacks are unpredictable. Their vessels will eventually also include choppers so they can move more freely and attack you easy. 

Your own helicopter’s performance has to be restored through a Health green symbol which appears for a few moments after you have destroyed a target. Since there are very limited time-slots to such pop-ups, always make sure to fly your helicopter towards them asap..

Very basic but very essential tips

Gunship Battle

The game is challenging. You will be finding yourself in the middle of hardcore shooting and crossfires. A small tip – don’t get very close to the target you want to destroy. The target will attack, and your vicinity will make you more vulnerable.

Also, getting a good grasp of which buttons to press, when, how and for long, is the core element which will make you move forward in the game and reach different levels.

Though the controls can be tricky, you will get there with practice. it’s just like driving a manual car – you will eventually maneuver the game in autopilot mode. 

The NOT so ideal..

The intention of developing games is mostly to generate money, which is fine. But when it’s plain obvious straight-up-your-face, well it kind of ruins some of the vibes.

The game is free, yes. but the micro progresses one makes if you spend just a few money or nothing at all, makes it discouraging. In general, to move from playing free to actually pay in one game, there has to be a plausible momentum, to motivate the player to actually pay. This same momentum is completely lacking in Gunship Battle mod apk, creating a widely distinctive margin between the free-playing to the pay-to-play zone.

Also, there is a limit to what choppers you can buy from the currency you earn from surpassing levels. If you want to buy the extremely advanced and coolest choppers, you have to pool in some good, real cash to buy them.

Another con of this MOD APK is that it lacks both a tilt function which can be quite challenging for the more advanced levels of the game and a button or control to decrease altitude.

But hey there are ways and means for you to still enjoy the game in all its glory without spending a penny or having to bear with the annoying ads..

Yes. Cheats. We’ve all been there. You can get free unlimited gold for example through various hacks. Different cheat codes will make you invisible from your targets and therefore pass from one level to another quite smoothly. You can also use a code to strengthen your chopper so it can defeat the hardest of challenges. You can get unlimited stars and money and buy more sophisticated helicopters with them. And you can completely eliminate ads from the online version.

All sorts of hacks and cheat to reap off all the game’s features and get the most out of the game.


Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d MOD APK is definitely a highly engaging, high-adrenaline game, which puts you in that positively-stimulating fight mode. The high-quality sound along with the tracks and tunes used for the game, all stimulate suspense and put you in the mood of a war battle. The graphics are also pretty amazing, along with the panoramic landscapes, a great variety of chopper models and the escalation of challenge from one level to another is pretty motivating.

The free version of the game is pretty amazing and intense, but if you want to move further to next, higher levels, you have to spend a good chunk of money. Also, if some controls such as a tilt function would be added, it would give more control over the helicopter’s maneuvering. The absence of such a function makes the harder challenges much more difficult to surpass.

Finally, if you’re into FPS, shooting, and highly-pumped-up war games, Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D is definitely worth your time.


The app can be downloaded from Google Play

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