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Google has been improving its camera hardware rapidly over the past few years for front-facing shooters. With the best beauty camera apps for Android, the OS has been doing well as per the hardware changes. By opening one of the following apps and clicking selfies easily, you can definitely look stunning by capturing drool-worthy pics.


Best Beauty Camera Apps


Everyone is beautiful in their own self and we believe our readers are the best-looking people. Even though you do not need a beauty camera app to look and feel beautiful, there is still fun to use these apps to create some of the best selfies. These are the best beauty camera apps for Android to spice things up with effects, filters, and makeup.


Let’s take a look at the best beauty camera apps for Android



It is one of the most widely used selfie camera apps for Android and it works smoothly on any Android device. It has a very innovative interface so you can access almost every feature. Well, B612 is loved for some other reasons. It has a vast range of stickers to make you look amazing while taking selfies.


B612 Best Beauty Camera App


With the help of this app, you can apply beauty effects to the shots in real-time. It tones out the skin and slims down the face. It features user-friendly slider to use most of its features. You can easily adjust the effect as per your own needs.


Candy Camera

Candy Camera is one of the best beauty filter apps on the Google Play store. This fast, simple, and reliable app has over 7 million active users. It is also one of the biggest beauty filter apps across the world for a good reason. It has a huge range of filters to look stunning with one tap.


Candy Camera beauty app for andorid


You can easily swipe left to right to check out the filters available. It also has some advanced beautifying features. Along with slimming and whitening effects, you can also use lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and concealer for best results.


Sweet Selfie

When it comes to make amazing changes to the pictures automatically, Sweet Selfie does a tremendous job. With sweet selfie app, you can make several changes to the pictures and you can look glam in every click. It also has some cool retro, blur, and vignette features to make your selfies stand out.


Sweet Selfie Best Beauty Camera App


You can beautify your selfies with just one click. Sweet Selfie is known to be the best companion for you. It works really well to make you look beautiful without overdoing its effect. It also has sliders to tone down some effects as per your likes.


Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus is more than just a beauty camera app. It is a complete photo editor app for Android. It works really well with the photos you take using this app and the ones already stored on your device. If you have been using another camera app you like, you can also import pictures to this editor and use it.


Beauty Plus app


It has a lot of cool features to change your look and try out different looks. You can add a natural touch to the skin and add volume to the hair. It can deliver great results. It also has features to beautify your smile, eyes and hair.



Bestie app features plenty of great options to emerge as one of the widely used beauty camera apps. It has amazing filters to make best Portrait selfies. It also has skin-beautifying effects. You can also add fun to your photos with its animated stickers. It also adds accessories like a headdress, jewellery etc.


Bestie App for android


This selfie the camera has an amazing feature to optimize the pictures with one click using its Quick-Fix option. Also, it can detect your face automatically for animated emojis. This is the best suited to those who love to take selfies alone with rear camera and you can also set its timer function to take selfies after a few seconds. This app is free to download, though it shows ads. You can remove them with in-app purchases.



It is yet another cool makeup app offers a lot of professional tools for editing. This beauty camera app is best for girls as they can make some amazing changes to their face. The One-Tap Makeover makes it stand out. You can change the face color as a whole with one click.


InstaBeauty Best Beauty Camera App


It also pampers your skin, cleans the blemishes, brightens it, and also makes your eyes look more beautiful and bigger. Overall, InstaBeauty is your virtual beauty expert on your device. In addition, you can also appear taller, whiten your teeth, and add more effects with a lot of features.


Sweet Camera

Sweet camera is one of the amazing beauty camera apps available for Android and it has very cool features to hide your problem areas. The app is basically has several effects and filters to edit your photos in real-time and the ones which are already stored. Also, it has amazing makeup tools. The Body Reshape, Haircolor, and Muscle Editor is some of the most unique features of this beauty camera app. You can also rebuild the body and take cool pictures with this app.


Sweet Camera Android app


It also helps you save your memories by making a photo collage and add 3D tattoo with several effects. Sweet Camera is one of the best beauty apps for Android and it is absolutely free.



Camera360 is one of the best selfie camera apps available on the Google Play store. This app has a dedicated camera to capture beautiful self-portraits. It also has a photo editor to make new changes.


Camera360 android app


The effects that can dramatically change the overall look and customizable filters. Also, it can apply cool stickers on the pictures and make photo collages.



Since different people have different needs, all of these beauty filter apps are different in their own way. So, it is advised to use 3 to 4 apps before deciding. Most of these apps are light and you can easily use several of them at once. Therefore, what do you think of using these beauty camera apps? Are you happy with the default camera app? Share your opinions with us.


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