Kika Emoji Keyboard for PC

How to Download & Install Kika Emoji Keyboard for PC/Windows APK

Here in this article, we will see how to download Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro for PC. After reading this guide, you will get to know how to download and install Kika Emoji Keyboard pro for PC. Developed by Kika Keyboard Tech and used by millions of users worldwide, follow our step by step instructions on how to download Kika Keyboard App on PC windows or MAC desktop.

Kika Emoji Keyboard for PC

A traditional inbuilt keyboard that is present in Android Phones and Apple phones has several limitations. Firstly, the number of emojis is low thus less variety of options when it comes to expressing your emotion through emojis. It’s not an exaggeration that most of the conversations of the modern day social media users have more emojis compared to traditional words.

I mean, Emojis are fun, cute, awesome, brings smile etc. If you are crazily in love with emojis and can’t live without them, this app is a must-have. Even if you are a casual emoji user, it offers tons of options while choosing an emoji. With a library of more than 3000 emoticons, GIFs, stickers and colourful themes. Obviously, when you such a vast collection of emoticons, it becomes really difficult to sort through to find the emoji you want. Keeping this in mind, Kika emoji keyboard offers a search feature to quickly sort through a countless number of emojis.

Few more Kika Emoji Keybaord Features

As the name implies, it is not just an app for emoji lovers, Keyboard by Kika is one of the versatile keyboard apps out there which provides add-on and plugin support.The big problem while using keyboard and Emoji apps is cross compatibility. The emoji or a character you sent is not received the same way because they do not have the same app installed on their mobile phone.

Kika Emoji Keyboard App tackles this problem by supporting Unicode 7 and 8, Whatsapp and iOS emojis enabling the user on the other side to receive emojis and messages seamlessly. Kika Keyboard App also includes all the advanced and modern keyboard typing features such as swipe-up typing, typing by voice, accurate autocorrect and word suggestions.

Sadly, Kika Emoji Keyboard App is not available in the PC version. But using a smart trick, we can use Kika Emoji and Keyboard App in a safe and trusted way. We will use an Android Emulator to use Kika Emoji Keyboard App in PC. A great thing about this is, using this method Kika Emoji Keyboard application is supported in PC Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and also in MAC OS versions.

How to download Kika Emoji Keyboard App for PC using BlueStacks

  1. Firstly, you need to have an Android Emulator installed in your PC desktop or laptop. We recommend BlueStacks as it’s one of the best and reliable Android Emulators right now. If you do not have it yet, Go to BlueStacks official website to download for free.
  2. As soon as the BlueStacks download is complete, run the installer to begin installing BlueStacks.
  3. Proceed forward by clicking “Next” wherever it is necessary, if you want to customize any options, you will also have the option for it.
  4. Once successful download and installation, you will see a screen showing “Complete” as in the below image.
  5. BlueStacks will open up automatically or you can double click on “BlueStacks” shortcut present in your desktop home screen.
  6. Since, using an Android Emulator means you are effectively using an Android phone, you need to log in with your Gmail or Google account.
  7. Once done, on your BlueStacks home screen, you can see the “Play Store” icon. Click on it to open Google Play Store.
  8. Search by typing “Kika Emoji Keyboard App”, Click on the first link, check if its the official app by Kika Keyboard Tech.
  9. Tap on “Install” button to begin downloading. After a while, the downloaded app gets installed automatically. You will notice that most of the above points are similar to what you would do on your “Android Play Store”.
  10. Voila, on the home screen of BlueStacks, you can see your installed apps, you can find “Kika Emoji Keyboard” App. Tap on it to start using it.

Download Kika Emoji Keyboard App for PC using APK file:

  1. Again APK files are not supported by your PC Windows or MAC. Hence, we will use BlueStacks to download Kika Keyboard App  APK file.
  2. Download Kika Emoji Keyboard App APK file from a trusted website and save it in your PC
  3. Click on three dots symbol beside Installed apps to add your previously downloaded APK file from file explorer.
  4. Wait for it to get installed via BlueStacks software.
  5. Go to BlueStacks home page where you can find newly downloaded Kika Emoji Keyboard App.
  6. Tap on its icon to start using your favourite Emoji and Keyboard App.

Kika Emoji Keyboard app is Crashing and solution

Kika Emoji Keyboard app itself might not crasj if you use it independently. But since we are using it via BlueStacks, it is possible BlueStacks is crashing and thereby Kika keyboard App.

Though BlueStacks is the most popular Android Emulator, sometimes BlueStacks takes up lot of resources to work. Your PC RAM might be insufficient to support BlueStacks. You can try uninstalling and installing again from BlueStacks player.  In these cases and for any other reasons, if you cannot go with BlueStacks, do not worry, as we have an alternative method.

Download and Install Kika Keyboard Emoticon App without BlueStacks:

The best way to download and install the Kika Keyboard Emoticon App without BlueStacks is by using Nox, a similar Android Emulator. Nox is popularly preferred by gamers and users as an alternative to BlueStacks.

Follow these instructions to install Kika Emoji Keyboard on PC:

  1. Go to Nox official website and download the Nox player and complete the installation process.
  2. Click on “Nox Player” shortcut on your PC to open Nox player.
  3. Firstly, Connect your Gmail account to use the Play Store. After that tap on Play Store icon and search for “Kika Emoji and Keyboard” App
  4. Tap on the first link and install the app
  5. Once it gets downloaded, you can see it on Nox player’s home page. Click on it to start using Kika keyboard + Emoji app.

Wrapping up…

We hope you found out how to download and install Kika Emoji Keyboard App with our step-by-step guide. If you are stuck somewhere, comment below so that we can help you.

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