DomainTools Whois Lookup APK

DomainTools Whois Lookup

DomainTools Whois Lookup

Get Whois (ownership) records for domain names and IP addresses plus website screenshots and connected domain stats.
Learn when a domain name was created, when it will expire, and how much history it has, even when the domain has been dropped and re-registered.
Find out how many other domains are owned by the same person or company with FREE Reverse Whois shared ownership count.
See what’s really happening with a domain before you visit with full-size website screenshots displayed in context with ownership data.
Link to the mobile-optimized site for even more free data and details on our premium research and monitoring services.
Use the app for a quick availability check to find out if a domain name is available for registration or listed for sale in the domain name aftermarket.
About DomainTools:
DomainTools offers the most comprehensive searchable database of domain name information and hosting data. We have historical records on millions of domains going back as much as ten years or more, and we offer a complete API to access nearly all of it.


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