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Display Test Full is the best tool to check the health status of the screen of your smartphone, tablet, or any LCD display, LED, OLED, AMOLED, TV, projectors (requires connecting device to external source) and all types.Check with test for:
– Dead pixels.
– Stuck or lit pixels.
– Color subpixel, which is each of the color components of a pixel.
– Test for touch screen.

Supports all brands and models of screens for:
Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Google (Nexus, Pixel, etc.), Huawei, Motorola Moto, LG (Phoenix, Style, Stylus, Wine, SPree, Fortune, etc.), HTC (One, Desire, etc.), Lenovo, Xiaomi (Mi, Redmi, etc.), Nokia, ZTE, OnePlus, HP, Panasonic, AT&T, Nec, and all other brands and manufacturers are supported.

Includes support for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Infinity Display. Check the status of your Infinity Display as the full screen test supports the 18.5:9 aspect ratio for both the pixel tests and the touch screen test.

All this makes Display Test Full the ultimate utility to check the display of your device. The ideal partner for the manufacturer’s warranty, as it serves to detect manufacturing faults or subsequent use covered by the warranty of screens.
Use the Display Test Full now and again from time to time to check the health of your screen, for your peace of mind and to demand the guarantee if necessary.

Translated instructions to 27 languages: English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hindi, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Klingon (tlhIngan Hol) for Star Trek fans 😉
To be understood wherever you are and speak the language you speak.

What’s New

Improved display test.
Updated SDK and libraries.

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Additional information

Display Test Full
3.81 MB
100,000+ downloads
Developed By
Konecta Maximus

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