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Digital Speedometer:

App main features are given below.

1. Digital Speedometer (Measure your current speed or my speed)
2. Speed limit app (You can put the limit of your max and min speed )
3. Sound Meter or Speed limit App (When you cross the speed then it will give you an alarm that will help you on police radar and you will get information about how fast am I driving?
4. This is a car Digital Speedometer as well as you can use it as a bike Digital Spedometer or Bicycle Speedometer
5. Distance Meter (If you want to find total distance after start of your journey then you can use this app)
6. Average Speedo meter (If you want to measure the average speed of your vehicle then you can use this app.)
7. heads up display (It mean you can use this app for the heads up display in the car while driving your car you can use it as a Speed trap (hud jet))
8. Full Screen Mode (This will only show your gps Speed on the whole screen nothing else will show)
9. Digital Speedometer with map . (This speed tracker also give you your location with your sped)

This app is used for as a Digital Speedometer or Speed tracker. This is basically a Speed measuring App. That will measure you speed I mean work as a Speed App. Measure your current speed in Miles per hour (MPH) and kilometre per hour (km/h).

you can also use this speed app while hiking. OR while driving your car in a speed radar. This app will work on the place of your speed box. Speedometer jet app used for detecting your vehicle current speed. This is a best speedometer app ever because we will keep updating of this app and keep adding many features according to user requirements. You can also use it as a Route Planner because it will give you information about your current location and from start to destination information.

This odometer reading (GPS Digital Speedometer reading) will keep changing after 500 milliseconds. After this speed meter app will give you the 99% accurate result. It will get GPS from your GPS so you need to turn on your GPS for getting speed. Speedometer free app helps you to measure your speed.

Digital Speedometer app will also work on Android OREO and Android Pie. There are too many speedometers (maps speedometer) available but this is a best speedometer. You can also call it mph meter or km/h meter.
HUD Digital Speedometer mean this is an hud speedometer you can get hud display using this speedometer.

Using this app you can also measure your
• car speed (Make a car speed test or you can measure car speed)
• Bicycle Speed
• Train Speed
• Bike Speed

You can also called it DigiHud speedometer which is a short form of digital HUD speedometer. This app will give you safety because using this app you can get the control of you sped.

If your car tachometer is not fine and you need your speedometer repair then you can also use this app. This is a very simple speedometer app. This is very easy to use speedometer. By using you location direction and speed you can also measure the velocity of your car.

Over Speed Alert System is very good for measuring speed. When you will cross the limit you will get an alert . This Speed Alert Will helps you that you are crossing your speed limit please be careful so that police radar will detect your car having over speed. Then you will easily take care of these things.

By Distance Calculator you can calculate the distance from start to end journey that will help you to get the information about total distance and also you can take care of your fuel according to the long or short distance.

AVG. Speed Calculator or AVG. Odometer will help you to find your average speed. That will help you that How fast you was driving on that road.

With the full screen mode you can only see the current speed on the screen that will help you to keep focus on the speed only while .

In App setting you can also turn on or turn of your over speed alarm (sound ) and also you can change you speed unit from kmh to mph or MPH to km/h.

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Digital Speedometer – GPS Offline odometer HUD Pro
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