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You are adventurous, exploring the land of the world?You prefer traveling, going camping,.. participating in outdoor activities. At these moments, you want to know your standing position?Just have a smartphone installed Digital Compass, help you solve all problems of direction and location that you often encounter during the trip.
Digital compass – Map compass & Windy map application help users locate their direction and location exactly by modern technology and simplistic design compass.
The Digital compass – Map compass & Windy map application has the following features:
* Compass
– Locate east, west, south, north quickly and accurately
– Locate the longitude, latitude, gravity field, coordinates at the standing position.
– Turn On/Off the flashlight
– Display map compass for users
– Determine the standing place on the map
– Display windy map with detail information about direction and speed of windy, temperature, humidity, rain, cloud, pressure, currents.
– Save the position and display the user pass the past.
– Keep a list of all the places the user has visited.
– Display the sensor information of the device
– Display compass information in screen lock conveniently
-Turn on/off and display magnetic field information.
→ Let’s install Digital compass – Map compass & Windy map application to use helpful, convenient and exact features for free.
If you have any problem, please comment on our Digital compass app or feedback via Email: [email protected]

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