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If you have ever wanted to play a shooting game that is fun and at the same time, scary, then this game is definitely for you. The Dead Target game brings to you a bunch of zombies through which you have to make your way in the game. There are endless waves of zombies that will keep attacking you. All you have to do is to attack these zombies back and ensure that you do not get killed. Save yourself by running or by using weapons – be it simple ones or the lethal ones. There are over 10 million downloads on the Play Store and the app has over one million ratings!

What is Dead Target APK?

Dead Target Mod APK

The storyline is very simple and straightforward. The zombies have taken over the city and your mission is to kill the various types of zombies that have infected the city. The game begins with simple missions. As and when you progress with the game, the intensity of the zombies and their number increases. By killing the zombies, you will be able to earn cash that you can use to buy better weapons and bullets.

Killing special zombies will fetch you gold that can be used to buy special items, such as grenades or medical kits. There are missions in various parts of the city, depending on your rank. The rankings are based on the army ranks. To make the game even more challenging, there are daily quests and main quests. With these quests in place, the developer has ensured that the players are addicted to the game.


The gameplay of Dead Target is quite similar to that of Dead Trigger, another popular zombie killing game. Though they are termed as similar, there are quite a few interesting changes in the gameplay. In Dead Target, you will not be able to move. You are given a weapon and there are waves of zombie that come at you.  This gameplay creates fear amongst the players. This is what the players are looking for these days. There are many types of zombies that will try to attack you – all of this is decided by your rank placement.

There are multiple types of zombies, for instance, the worker zombies who are dressed up in work clothes. They reach you and hit. These zombies are one of the easiest ones to kill. There are similar zombies to these called the Homeless zombies. They are differently dressed but have the same effect. There are other zombies that can fly. A few of them can attack you from far away using their long tongue or by spitting out acidic liquid targeting you.

There are other zombies that have the ability to explode right next to your face leaving you with a fair bit of damage. There are zombie dogs that are small in size but are really fast when it comes to speed. They are at the knee level and are a bit difficult than the normal ones to target. The main zombie is the BOSS zombie who is termed as a specialized killing beast. These zombies need much more effort to kill than normal ones. The rewards for killing this type of zombie is also more when you compare it with normal ones. Initially, the size of all the zombies will be small. A few of the zombies will grow in size as and when you move up the rank so as to give the user a challenging experience.

There are multiple weapons that you can choose from. The higher the level of the weapon, the better it will work against the zombies. The weapons have to be bought through the game case and gold that is earned by killing the zombies in the game.

How To Install It?

The Dead Target Mod APK gives you the ability to do anything in the game. All the above things that were explained in the game is what you will be able to – all of this in quick succession. There is no need for you to kill several 100 zombies to collect cash and gold – you will be given with unlimited gold, cash, and so on. The installation of the APK is also quite simple and straightforward.

  1. The very first point is that that you will have to uninstall any previous version of the game from your device.
  2. Ensure that you download the right Modded APK from the website.
  3. Before installing the application, ensure that you are able to install applications from unknown sources. In case this is not done, then enable this.
  4. Once you have the above setting in place, go ahead and install the APK. The installation should not take more than 3 minutes to complete.
  5. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to launch the application.

Once you have the game running, you will have a better idea of the game and its features. With the mod APK, you have everything in abundance which means you will never run out of resources. In case you are stuck in one single level and you want to know what the best tactic to clear the level is, then it is a good idea to practice the same level in the Mod APK to see if you are able to go through the level. There are new missions that the developers release on a regular basis, so you never have to worry about getting bored with the same old levels. The mod APK is also patched to keep up with the development.

Keep in mind that in case that happens, you will have to re-install the Mod APK from scratch in order to stay updated with the latest version of the game. It has been noted that gamers who have access to this modified APK play at least two times better than those who do not have the modified APK! Download and install the mod APK for Dead Target and master the game now!

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