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With Daum Cloud app installed on your iPhone and iPod touch, viewing and sharing your files uploaded to Daum Cloud is only a touch away.
What’s more, you can also upload photos and videos directly from your device.
It is both fun and easy to manage your contents uploaded to Daum Cloud which also provides
an excellent sync for your mobile devices and PC.
* Daum Cloud Features *
50GB free space
Easy on-device access to all files uploaded to Daum Cloud.
View all images in Daum Cloud or sort by folder with Photo Album menu
One click backup photos and videos to Daum Cloud directly from your device
Easy file-sharing with your friends via shared-folder feature or E-mail
Export images from Daum Cloud to Mypeople, Twitter, Facebook. (Support Mypeople version 3.1 or above)
Support offline viewing of files downloaded to your device.



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  • Hi i’m from iran ..i wanna install opera mini but it doesn’t properly work! So how can i download any version else ?if it may change this & place an upper version here please..thanks..have s good time. :-*

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