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You use the phone for a long time. You like to watch movies, play games on the phone. These are the reasons make overheated phone. But do not worry. Our app will clean and cool down phone right away.We provide the smart booster RAM clean and CPU cool down application with the efficient cooling mechanism, which cool down CPU cell phone up to 7%. The cooling master phone cooler application will scan the CPU to find out the cause making phone for cooling overheating phone quickly.

Let’s explore the features of this smart CPU cool down app with us!

Features of the app of CPU cooler to cool down the phone temperature:
– Scan the CPU to find out the cause making phone hot to phone booster speed up and cleaner
– Clean and boost and cool down phone with just one touch
– CPU temperature cooler monitor in real time
– Memory booster RAM optimizer
– RAM booster and junk file cleaner
– Save battery power long time
– WiFi booster signal boost
– VPN private internet access unlimited – IP changer

How CPU cooling master phone cooler app works:
– Monitor real-time temperature and find applications heating phone
– Warn users, give a list of heating applications
– Cool down your phone and memory booster and cleaner
– Phone cleaner and optimizer with phone booster and cleaner function
– Show CPU heat cooling result
– Clean junk files and boost my speed
– Memory booster RAM clean up

Advantages of the phone heat cooling app:
✔ Cool off the phone overheat immediately by clean up phone memory
✔ CPU temperature cool down to 7%
✔ Support shortcut to cool the phone with a touch
✔ Detect applications heating phone for a few seconds
✔ Simple interface of phone overheating cooling app, easy to use clean up phone space
✔ Phone temperature cool down app is free
✔ Is the power saver app to save power battery
✔ Boost WiFi signal strength
✔ Change VPN location and change IP address free
✔ Free app to clean my phone and speed up

Using the phone for a long time is a common cause of CPU overheating phone and junk file cleaner, which reduces the phone’s lifespan, leave you to feel uncomfortable when holding a hot object. Therefore, our phone cooling app was born to give users the best experience with their phone.

You can enjoy surfing the web, watching movies, playing games for hours without worrying about overheating phone, our cooling phone temperature app will help cool your phone immediately. Our phone cool down app is a battery saver app for extra save battery charge for long time and a VPN changer.

With the desire to bring the best products to users, our development team is constantly innovating and improving the free CPU cooling apps.

If you have any requirements about the app, leave a comment below, and we will accept your contributions for phone heating cooler application development. And do not forget to share the phone booster speed up and cleaner app with your friends so they can also cool the phone quickly, easily.

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Note: This app uses Accessibility services

What’s New

The perfect version 1.2.6 to clean and cool down phone right away.
+ CPU temperature cooler in 3seconds
+ Cool off the phone overheat immediately
+ Fix bugs

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CPU Phone Cooler, Cool Down Phone Temperature
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